This Is Why BBC Is The Greatest Champions League Trio Ever

BBC Champions League
BBC Champions League
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Here is the reason for why BBC is the greatest Champions League trio of all time

Bale Benzema Cristiano, simply known as BBC, is one of the greatest trios in football history. They have achieved every single major European trophy, not to mention four times Champions League winners.

The first two things that comes into our mind after hearing the word ‘footballing trio’ are MSN (Messi Suarez Neymar) and BBC. They are the two best trios of all time despite their still active rivalry.

BBC’s Champions League Records

  • The trio with most UEFA Champions League titles.
  • The only trio to win three consecutive Champions League titles.
  • At least one of the three either scored or assisted a goal in all four of their four finals.
  • The trio hardly played the entire 90 minutes in a single game.

BBC’s only tough competitor is MSN and it’s probably more formidable. Real Madrid and Barcelona fans always compete against each other when the names of the six players in these two trios come.

Of course there is a difference between these two trios and you can easily point out which was better. MSN has got a better goal ratio than BBC and that’s why 67% of fans have voted them the greatest trio of all time.

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Detailed Stats (MSN/BBC)

La Liga

  • Appearances – 99/77
  • Goals – 79/43
  • Assists – 32/13

UEFA Champions League

  • Appearances – 27/33
  • Goals – 18/19
  • Assists – 12/7

Other Competitions

  • Appearances – 22/10
  • Goals – 14/8
  • Assists – 7/2

All Competitions

  • Appearances – 148/120
  • Goals – 111/70
  • Assists – 51/22
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