Leicestershire’s Lady made 38 tattoos of Jose Mourinho on body

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This Lady made 38 tattoos of Jose Mourinho on body

Sports Desk – Jose Mourinho, coach of Tottenham Hotspur, is also in discussion about his lifestyle. The former Portuguese football team’s midfielder has an older relationship than controversies. Mourinho has been the coach of Manchester United from 2016 to 2018. The name of 62-year-old Vivien Bodycote from Leicestershire is also included in the list of special fans of Mourinho.

Bodycote is Mourinho’s Superfan. Bodycote has had 38 tattoos of Mourinho on his body. She wants to increase this number further. He has a recent tattoo of Jose Mourinho on his chest. Bodycote had Jose Mourinho’s first tattoo on his body after Chelsea’s defeat at Old Trafford ground in the English Premier League in 2017.

Jose Mourinho

Vivian Bodycote explains, ‘Jose Mourinho is good-looking and he’s smart. I love what he achieved as a coach. I forget everything when I see them.’ Bodycote revealed, ‘I have spent almost 2 thousand pounds (about 19 lakh rupees) on the tattoo of Jose Mourinho. But it is definitely more valuable than that because I love them. I am willing to spend more on this. ‘

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