Timo Werner’s Stats – At Chelsea vs At RB Leipzig

Timo Werner

Here we show you Timo Werner’s stats at Chelsea as compared to the ones at RB Leipzig

Timo Werner has to prove that he can score goals when he is put at the right position. Not that he wasn’t playing as a striker for Chelsea but his chemistry looked unstable with his teammates which is why he has signed his beloved club once again.

This article will tell you about Timo Werner’s stats at Chelsea as compared to his stats before joining them, that is, his stats at RB Leipzig.

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Timo Werner’s Stats (Chelsea vs RB Leipzig)

League (Chelsea/RB Leipzig)

  • Games – 89/156
  • Goals – 23/90
  • Assists – 21/40
  • Minutes Played – 6,046/12,298

UEFA Champions League

  • Games – 17/14
  • Goals – 8/7
  • Assists – 4/2

Timo Werner has joined his Bundesliga side again since Chelsea let him go of their squad, not to mention they have signed Raheem Sterling from Manchester City in order to strengthen their attack.

In 2020, Werner left Leipzig as one of the best strikers in the world and attracted Chelsea eventually. He is now a Leipzig player again and has a greater chance to improve his career stats and prove his haters wrong.

His Premier League career may not have been so good but he has learned a lot by playing in the toughest league in the world. However, his UEFA Champions League stats are better for Chelsea than for the German club.

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