Top 10 International Goal Scorers at World Cup 2022 Qatar

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World Cup is not a typical international tournament. If you ask soccer fans as well as soccer players, they will all tell you it is the most prestigious competition of all. They will all tell you that one gold medal for the World Cup can be more valuable than all the goals they scored, league trophies, and international competition trophies. But, during the World Cup, people like talk about information connected with this competition. Because of that, we would like to do the same thing. We would like to talk about the best international goal scorers that are representing their national teams in World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

The Competition is Pretty Tough

Before we move to the main point, we have to admit that competition in this World Cup between the best goal scorers is pretty tough. Some of the best online gambling sites in the Netherlands have already published players’ stats about scored international goals with odds on who will win the Golden Boot in this competition. The list below may give you some answers. But, have in mind that World Cups are usually full of surprises. We may get a new superstar when the competition ends. So, let’s go!

1.  Cristiano Ronaldo

Who else would it be? Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 117 goals in only 191 appearances for the Portuguese national team. He has 10 hat tricks as part of the national team which only confirms he is top-class. He is currently struggling with some life problems + he went from Manchester United because of the interview he gave. We will see if that will negatively influence his performance in World Cup. But, we doubt something like that will happen as he has an amazing squad that supports him all the time.

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2.  Lionel Messi

Of course, Messi is in second place on the list. So far, he has scored 90 goals in 165 games for Argentina. But there is one thing he is missing – a World Cup gold medal. Because of that, we are sure his stats will be improved after this World Cup. Many people predict this is his last opportunity to reach such an achievement.

3.  Robert Lewandowski

When will Robert Lewandowski finally get the Baloon d’Or? We do not have the answer to that. However, we do know he is the third-best goal scorer that will play in this World Cup. So far, he has scored 76 goals in total for Poland. In 2018, he managed to score 16 goals in the World Cup qualifications. That’s the record no one will probably ever manage to break.

4.  Neymar

So far, Neymar has scored 75 goals in 121 appearances for Brazil’s national team. Currently, he holds a record for the most goals scored in the qualifying games for FIFA World Cup. To be precise, he scored 12 goals in total. He has enough time to continue with the good games and potentially beat Cristiano Ronaldo one day.

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5.  Lukaku

Romelu has scored 68 goals in total in 102 appearances for Belgium. He definitely is a top striker. But we must not neglect that behind him are some of the most creative players in the world (De Bruyne, Hazard, etc.)

6.  Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez has always been a goal machine. Things he did with Sturridge in Liverpool were just continued in Barcelona with his new teammate – Messi. He is the best goal-scorer in Uruguay of all time. So far, he has managed to score 68 goals in 134 games. He is getting old, so he probably won’t keep the 6th place for a long time.

7.  Cavani

Some of you may think that Cavani has scored a lot more. But, so far, he has “only” scored 58 goals in 113 matches. But, have in mind that he shared the court with Suarez. It is hard to say which one of the two goal machines likes to score goals more. Both players invested a lot of effort (especially Suarez) to help their national team win. We are sure Nunez will be their great replacement.

8.  Harry Kane

Kane is currently in the 8th place on this list with 51 goals. However, remember that this incredible guy managed to do that in only 75 appearances. Plus, we do not know if people remember this, but he was the top scorer in the previous World Cup. Will he manage to do the same thing this year?

9.  Aleksandar Mitrovic

Mitro’s on fire, your defense is terrified! Mitro does not play for the strongest teams in the world like the previous fellows on the list. But he is the best goal scorer of Serbia of all time with 50 goals in 76 appearances. He managed to score the goal in the 90th minute against Portugal which allowed Serbia to directly go to the World Cup. We are pretty sure he will continue the same way in the next couple of years. To be precise, we are sure he will be one of the top scorers in this World Cup.

10. Olivier Giroud

Giroud never gets old! But, an even more impressive thing about him is the fact he can soon break the national record. The current holder of that achievement is Thierry Henry with 51 goals. Giroud currently has 49 of them in 114 appearances. Sharing the same position with Benzema won’t be easy. Plus, we have to remind people that in the 2018 World Cup, Giroud didn’t score a single goal. He needs to show this year that is a good replacement for Benzema, the current holder of the Ballon d’Or.


It doesn’t matter who is 1st or 2nd on this list. All these players have confirmed they are fighting for their national team. We are pretty sure some of them will manage to achieve the goal they have for this year’s competition.

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