Top 10 Most Valuable Relegated Clubs Since 2004

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Here are the top 10 most valuable relegated clubs since 2004

Which is most valuable relegated club since 2004? We gathered some information from Transfermarkt for some of the best clubs in the world, that is, their all time market value stats.

This article will tell you about the top 10 most valuable clubs since 2004 that were relegated from their top tier domestic league.

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Most Valuable Relegated Clubs

  1. Juventus (2005/06) – €311m
  2. Bournemouth (2019/20) – €272m
  3. Fulham (2018/19) – €265m
  4. Fulham (2020/21) – €246m
  5. Newcastle United (2015/16) – €200m
  6. Watford (2019/20) – €200m
  7. Stoke City (2017/19) – €198m
  8. Anzhi Makhachkala (2018/19) – €181m
  9. VFB Stuggart (2018/19) – €176m
  10. West Bromwich (2017/18) – €175m

Juventus were worth just €311 million when they were relegated from Serie A in 2005/06 season. They have been the most valuable relegated club since then. Bournemouth are on second position that were relegated in 2019/20 season.

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Fulham have been relegated from Premier League two times since 2018 and their market value was more than €250 million both the times. They have been crowned as the champions of 2021/22 Championship (English league’s second division).

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Best GD In PL This Season

  1. Manchester City – 72
  2. Liverpool – 65
  3. Chelsea – 42
  4. Tottenham Hotspur – 23
  5. Arsenal – 11
  6. West Ham United – 11
  7. Crystal Palace – 4
  8. Manchester United – 1
  9. Aston Villa – (-)1
  10. Wolves – (-)3

Talking about Juventus, Paulo Dybala will leave his beloved club at the end of this season as his contract with them has only a few days left. In 2016, Dybala joined Juventus from US Palermo for a fee of €52.90 million.

The La Roja is currently in talks with Roma as Jose Mourinho is interested in signing the extraordinary talent this summer. He has won these titles with the Bianconneri:

  • SERIE A X5

In a recent incident, The 28-year-old forward told the Argentine national team website in 2020 what he told to Cristiano Ronaldo once.

He said: “I said to him, ‘Cristiano, in Argentina, we hate you a bit because of your figure, because of how you are, of how you walk’.

“‘The truth is that you’ve surprised me because I’ve found you to be different’.”

When asked about Ronaldo’s response, he said: “He laughed because he said, ‘I know that’s the way it is, but I know how I am, I’m used to being criticised for that.'”

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