Top 10 richest football managers in the world, as of 2024

Top 10 richest football managers in the world, as of 2024

This article will tell you about the top 10 richest football managers in the world, as of 2024.

In the current football world, coaches are paid enormous sums of money. Over the course of their careers, several have earned significantly more than their star players.

Many consider Pep Guardiola to be the best manager of his generation.

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Since coming to our shores in 2016, the Man City manager has dominated the Premier League scene. The team ultimately won the Champions League last season.

But even with all of his awards and recognition, Pep isn’t the richest manager in the game. In fact, internet estimations claim he’s trailing miles behind a Man Utd great, and it’s not Sir Alex.

10. Arsene Wenger – £38million

Even if the legendary Arsenal manager left his position at Emirates in 2018, he is still quite valuable. It was said near the end of his career that Wenger was taking home almost £8 million annually.

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However, his bank account might have increased if he had taken employment offered by other teams, including Real Madrid and PSG, during his 22 years.

9. Jurgen Klopp – £39million

Having managed Mainz, Borussia Dortmund, and Liverpool, Klopp is a three-club man.

He has achieved the most success with the Premier League’s biggest clubs, having won the Champions League in 2019.

His current contract is reportedly worth approximately £15 million annually. Additionally, it has been alleged that Klopp made £6.7 million from endorsement deals in 2021.

8. Carlo Ancelotti – £40million

Chelsea reportedly had to pay Ancelotti and his employees £28 million after firing the Italian in 2011.

He reportedly makes about £9.5 million a year at Real Madrid. Additionally, it appears from recent reports that the La Liga team is eager to extend his contract.

His status is reportedly being monitored by Brazil’s national squad as well.

7. Sir Alex Ferguson – £56million

Fergie, the finest manager the Premier League has ever seen, amassed wealth through football and his passion for horses over time.

In his book ‘Leading’, Sir Alex disclosed that during his last years on the Old Trafford bench, he received higher compensation than any other player in the United team.

The 13-time Premier League champion was still paid by the Red Devils last year, with an annual salary of £2 million.

With his keen business sense still intact, Fergie intends to establish his own Upperwood Farm Stud near Hemel Hempstead, which may bring in millions of dollars.

6. Steven Gerrard – £71million

As an assistant coach, Gerrard has already worked for Rangers, Aston Villa, and Al-Ettifaq.

He is receiving a substantial salary of approximately £15 million annually from the Saudi side. But Gerrard made the most of his cash throughout an incredible playing career.

During his last season at Anfield, he reportedly made £240,000 a week.

5. Zinedine Zidane – £99million

Ballon d’Or winner for France Another player that made a lot of money was Zidane.

He became extremely wealthy with stints at Real Madrid and Juventus as well as numerous sponsorship agreements.

As manager, he made two trips back to the Bernabeu: in 2016–18 and in 2019–2021. The second time around, he was paid an annual salary of £10.5 million.

4. Pep Guardiola – £100million

As the most prosperous manager in the contemporary era, Pep is renowned for inventing the wheel, making tactical choices that initially confound but later become models for the rest of the world to imitate.

It is only fitting that his club, Man City, offers him a substantial salary of £20 million annually.

It’s sufficient to make him the highest-paid coach in the Premier League. Still, not enough to make him the top dog.

3. Jose Mourinho – £100million

Some incredible payoffs have increased The Special One’s wages.

Mourinho’s 2021 dismissal from Tottenham reportedly cost the club £15 million when he left our shores.

Man Utd had to pay the same amount, and Chelsea had to give up £12.5 million in 2015 in order to remove the Portuguese from his position.

He reportedly makes about £10 million a year at Roma.

2. Diego Simeone – £102million

The head coach of Atletico Madrid is the highest-paid manager in the world of soccer.

Simeone, a brilliant tactician who assembled a defense-focused club, earns an incredible £30 million a year from the Spanish team.

Because of his salary, he also takes football management very seriously.

“Football is 24 hours a day. That’s how it is,” he once said. “When you’re sleeping there’s someone else who’s awake. And the one who is awake is thinking and if you are sleeping….

“So, there is an advantage for the one who is awake. That’s why you have to be careful,”

1. Wayne Rooney – £125million

Rooney, the manager of Birmingham City, denied rumours that he made the most money in the Championship ($1.5 million) annually.

He cannot, however, deny the enormous fortune he has amassed over his playing career.

At one time, Man Utd added £250,000 a week to his salary, making him the highest-paid player in the Premier League.

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After accounting for the value of his commercial rights, that increased to £300,000 each week.

He stopped receiving his salary as Derby County’s manager when the team experienced financial difficulties.