Top 6 Biggest Shocks Of 2022 FIFA World Cup So Far

Top 6 Biggest Shocks Of 2022 FIFA World Cup So Far
Top 6 Biggest Shocks Of 2022 FIFA World Cup So Far

Here we show you some of the biggest shocks of 2022 FIFA World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has given us some unbelievable moments that no football fan is ever going to forget in his lifetime. Honestly, this year’s tournament is one of the best sporting events in history.

12 Teams have already advanced to the Round of 16 knockout stages:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Senegal
  3. England
  4. USA
  5. Argentina
  6. Poland
  7. France
  8. Australia
  9. Japan
  10. Spain
  11. Morocco
  12. Croatia

What is the biggest upset you have seen in the tournament so far? Let’s take a look at those top 5 biggest shocks.

6. Japan’s Incredible Run

Japan has shown the world what they are made of. The team is really working on its ‘Blue Lock Project’, at least that’s what the world has been saying at present.

They have defeated both Germany and Spain in this World Cup. Can you remember the clash between Japan and Belgium when they had scored the first two goals of the game? They did lose that match in the end by 2-3 but showed us what they are capable of.

5. Record Draws

In 2018 FIFA World Cup, the match between Denmark and France was the only one that resulted in a goalless draw. But this World Cup is just the opposite of the one played in Russia.

A total of six goalless draws have been played in Qatar so far:

  • Mexico 0-0 Poland
  • Denmark 0-0 Tunisia
  • Croatia 0-0 Morocco
  • South Korea 0-0 Uruguay
  • England 0-0 USA
  • Croatia 0-0 Belgium

4. Spain’s Defeat Against Japan

Luis Enrique’s Spain is one of the best teams in the world right now. They have got some serious talents like Pedri and Gavi but they still lost 2-1 to Japan in their final group stage game.

Spain defeated Costa Rica by a huge difference of seven goals in their opening game of the tournament. After that, they failed to live up to the expectations the fans had with them.

Japan Football Team
Japan Football Team

Nevertheless, they have qualified for the Round of 16 knockout stages with Japan having topped Group E above them.

3. Argentina’s Defeat Against Saudi Arabia

The first shock of the 2022 World Cup came when Saudi Arabia defeated the second best team in the world. Argentina had to face a 2-1 defeat against the Arab squad that left the world in a great trauma.

Let us tell you that Argentina are ranked second on FIFA World Rankings.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

2. Germany’s Exit

Hansi Flick’s Germany lost their first group stage game 1-2 against Japan and then they played a 1-1 draw with Spain. They did win their do-or-die match against Costa Rica but Japan’s unexpected win over Spain costed them a bit too much.

1. The End Of Belgium’s Golden Generation

The biggest shock of 2022 FIFA World Cup is surely that moment when we heard the final whistle in the match between Croatia and Belgium.

Belgium’s so called ‘Golden Generation’ has been knocked out of the group stage. Their goalless draw against Croatia left the world in shock and Romelu Lukaku was the one who faced the most criticism.

The Red Devils’ Roberto Martinez has announced his departure as their head coach as he is now longer in position to manage them.

Belgium Team
Belgium Team

“That was my last game with the national team, I can’t carry on,” Martinez said in his post-match press conference. “It’s the time for me to accept that this is the last game.”

“Today we were ourselves again. It is never easy to win a match at a World Cup. In that first match against Canada we won, but we weren’t ourselves. We deservedly lost the second match against Morocco. We weren’t ready,” the Spaniard added.

“Today we created a lot of chances, so no, I have no regrets. We can leave the World Cup with our heads held high. Of course, elimination in the group stage is not enough for Belgium. We wanted to push through, but every country wants that. This is the best tournament in the world. We won our three group matches at the [2018] World Cup, and also at the [2020] European Championship. But then we were also eliminated. For me the feeling is the same. I can accept this way of losing,” he added.