UEFA Nations League 2022/23 Full Schedule

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UEFA Nations League Full Schedule

Here we explain you the fixtures and schedule of 2022/23 UEFA Nations League

UEFA Nations League will be held between the 55 members nations (teams basically) of UEFA. There are four leagues each containing four groups (except 4th one which has two groups).

The 55 national teams are divided into four “Leagues.” The strongest teams are potted in League A, and the weakest in League D.

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Leagues A, B and C: Four groups of four nations (16 teams each)
League D: One group of four and one group of three (7)

Teams within each group will play each other home and away.

Group A1 – France, Denmark, Croatia, Austria


June 3, 2022:
Croatia vs Austria
France vs Denmark

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June 6, 2022:
Austria vs Denmark
Croatia vs France

June 10, 2022:
Austria vs France
Denmark vs Croatia

June 13, 2022:
Denmark vs Austria
France vs Croatia

September 22, 2022:
Croatia vs Denmark
France vs Austria

September 25, 2022:
Austria vs Croatia
Denmark vs France

Group A2 – Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic


June 2, 2022:
Czech Republic vs Switzerland
Spain vs Portugal

June 5, 2022:
Czech Republic vs Spain
Portugal vs Switzerland

June 9, 2022:
Portugal vs Czech Republic
Switzerland vs Spain

June 12, 2022:
Spain vs Czech Republic
Switzerland vs Portugal

September 24, 2022:
Czech Republic vs Portugal
Spain vs Switzerland

September 27, 2022:
Portugal vs Spain
Switzerland vs Czech Republic

Group A3 – Italy, Germany, England, Hungary


June 4, 2022:
Hungary vs England
Italy vs Germany

June 7, 2022:
Germany vs England
Italy vs Hungary

June 11, 2022:
England vs Italy
Hungary vs Germany

June 14, 2022:
England vs Hungary
Germany vs Italy

September 23, 2022:
Germany vs Hungary
Italy vs England

September 26, 2022:
England vs Germany
Hungary vs Italy

Group A4 – Belgium, Holland, Poland, Wales


June 1, 2022:
Poland vs Wales

June 3, 2022:
Belgium vs Holland

June 8, 2022:
Belgium vs Poland
Wales vs Holland

June 11, 2022:
Holland vs Poland
Wales vs Belgium

June 14, 2022:
Holland vs Wales
Poland vs Belgium

September 22, 2022:
Belgium vs Wales
Poland vs Holland

September 25, 2022:
Holland vs Belgium
Wales vs Poland

The winners of four group from League A will play off in knockout format. The semifinals will be held on June 14 and 15, 2023 and the final on June 18.

The finalists will be drawn into a group of five nations in Euro 2024.