Was Timo Werner a bad signing?

By Raghu
2 Min Read
Timo Werner

Chelsea’s striker Timo Werner’s stats are disappointing this season

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Chelsea is in the quarter-final of UEFA Champions League after a long wait. They last won the title in 2012 in which they were in their beast form.

Chelsea has many young talents but Timo Werner disappoint them this season. His stats are neither good for Chelsea nor for his national side Germany.

Against North Macedonia, Werner missed a very easy chance to score and he is getting criticism for that. He was one of the major reason of Germany’s loss to Macedonia 1-2.

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Werner has missed 17 big chances this season in all competitions for club and country. He has also the worst dribble success rate in the Premier League this season, that of 40.7%.

However, Werner does have the most goal contribution for Chelsea this season. So we may say that he was an average signing for Chelsea as he doesn’t found good in big games.

Germany lost first time in World Cup qualifiers since 20 years. They last lost to England 1-5 in 2001. That’s how time changes!

Germany is on 3rd spot with only 6 points on European qualifiers points table. Armenia tops the group with 9 points while North Macedonia is on 2nd position.

Talking about Chelsea, they are on 4th on PL points table this season. Manchester City is sitting on the top with a huge difference of 14 points to second spot Manchester United.