Watch: Neymar gambling in the middle of his daughter’s birthday

Watch: Neymar gambling in the middle of his daughter's birthday

Social media users’ reactions to what Neymar did at his daughter’s birthday party have been observed.

One of several football players who moved to the Saudi Professional League during the summer transfer window was Brazilian sensation Neymar, who departed from French powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain.

The Saudi Arabian side offered the 32-year-old a substantial contract, and he ultimately joined Al Hilal.

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But when playing for Brazil on international duty, Neymar sustained a catastrophic knee injury after just five games, and he will miss the rest of the campaign.

Social media users recently shared a video from Neymar’s daughter’s birthday celebration after noticing the Brazilian star using his phone.

An X user wrote: “Hold Neymar is going to be broke in 3 years after spending the hilal money on poker nights.”

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Someone else wrote: “You gotta respect the hustle.”

A fifth commented: “Not a good look.”

Rodrigo Lasmar, the team doctor for Brazil, provided an update on Neymar’s recuperation back in December.

He said to Rede 98, via The Mirror: “It’s too early. There’s no point in skipping steps to recover sooner and taking unnecessary risks.

“Our expectation is that he will be prepared to return at the start of the 2024 season in Europe, which is August.”

Lasmar continued: “We need to be patient. Talking about a return before nine months is premature, this is a global concept for knee ligament surgeries recovery. It is very important to respect the biological time, the time the body takes to reconstruct that ligament. If we follow those steps and after a long recovery, the expectation is that he can perform again at a high level.”