What Is This New Console Game Set To Compete With FIFA?

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UFL game

A free football console game is set to rival FIFA

A new football video game named UFL is set to compete with FIFA. The company Strikerz Inc. has released an interesting trailer of the game which is ‘free to play’.

What interesting in the trailer? It shows elements of the Olympic Stadium in London and West Ham United has already made a partnership for the game.

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Although it’s free-to-play on console, the game must need to satisfy its customers and what the gamers are expecting from the company.

The company’s CEO Eugene Nashilov has released a statement in which it can be seen clearly that he wants a revolution in gaming.

“We are football fans and passionate gamers — we have been playing football video games for years and we know exactly what people want to see in a football simulator. We want to reinvent football video gaming from the ground up, offering players around the world a revolutionary, exciting and fair to play experience.”

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UFL will use InStat to provide detailed data and up-to-date statistics for each player. Just like FIFA, the game will have 5,000 licensed real-world players which you can recruit and train in your own custom club.