What Will Happen If A Player Gets A ‘Blue Card’ In Football?

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According to FIFA, the new rule will be discussed by the game’s legislators on March 2.

There have been some repercussions in the game following reports from the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which oversees the sport’s laws, that they are testing the use of blue cards to punish players for a short while for cynical fouls.

According to The Telegraph, a player who receives a blue card will be placed among the yellow and red cards and will be out of the game for ten minutes. A player would receive a red card and be eliminated from the game if they were dealt a second blue card.

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Since then, FIFA, the worldwide governing body of football, has made it clear that the trials would not occur at any elite level of the game. The rule will also be considered at the IFAB’s AGM on March 2, FIFA announced on Friday. FIFA will stress the significance of testing the blue card “in a responsible manner at lower levels” during this meeting.

What Will A Blue Card Do?

The blue card, if it is introduced, will not be exclusive to football. Long-standing regulations in rugby and hockey stipulate that a player who commits a foul may be momentarily removed from the field of play, depending on the referee’s assessment of the seriousness of the offense.

The IFAB’s AGM is scheduled for next month, which is when the rule’s details will be revealed. Nonetheless, it has been tested in amateur leagues in Wales and England, where the player who receives a blue card is barred from the game for ten minutes. After serving their suspension, if the player receives another blue card, they will be given a red card and will be removed from the game entirely.

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The introduction of a new card to the sport since the introduction of the yellow and red cards during the 1970 World Cup will occur if the law is implemented. Despite this, no players were sent off during the competition, and the two cards are now an essential component of all levels of the sport.

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