When Cristiano Ronaldo Stopped The Audience For Mocking His Little Fan

By Raghu
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When Cristiano Ronaldo Stopped The Audience For Mocking His Little Fan

This article will tell you about an another amazing story of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo is a perfect example of dedication and hard work. He is a genius in inspiring young footballing talents and motivating his teammates.

Portugal recently defeated Ireland 1-2 in World Cup qualifiers. Ronaldo was the one who made it possible as he scored both goal for his national side.

The Story

At a promo event at Tokyo in 2014, a 12-year old fan of Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about his wish related to football. The audience was also present there listening to his words.

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The boy was speaking in Portuguese but wasn’t so perfect in pronouncing some words. In other words, he was speaking in broken Portuguese language.

With a paper in his hand, the boy read: “Hello, my name is Ryota. My dream is to become a football player and to have the pleasure of playing with you one day.

“What do I have to do to achieve this goal?”

Everyone present among the audience laughed over his mistakes, which annoyed Ronaldo. He himself did smile a little bit.

The 34-year old defended the boy by saying some words to the organizers: “Why are they laughing? Why? He speaks Portuguese well, very well!”

After these words, Ronaldo admired his young fan and said: “My big message for him, for this boy, is believe in your capacities.

“Work hard and dedicate yourself one hundred percent, and dream. Believe all the time! believe that this is going to be possible.”

Ryota, who is now 19-years old, won the National University Championship with his team. Even after being injured in the semi-final and the final of the championship, he never have up on his teammates and himself.

“Cristiano’s advice has always stuck in my mind,” said Ryota via Marca.

This clearly shows that Ronaldo is an inspiration to many young rising stars. And if you ever feel down, just think about these wise words from the GOAT.