Who Is Casemiro’s Wife? See Pictures

Casemiro's Wife Anna Mariana
Source: Instagram @annamarianacasemiro
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This article will tell you about the relationship between Casemiro and his wife

Casemiro is inarguably one of the greatest midfielders of all time. While there is some information available about his personal life, including his wife, there isn’t an extensive amount of information on her.

Casemiro’s wife is named Anna Mariana Casemiro, and the couple got married in 2014. She is a Brazilian model and is known for her stunning looks and fashion sense.

She has been spotted accompanying her husband to various events and is often seen supporting him during his matches.

Although there isn’t much information available on Anna Mariana’s personal life, she has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She has worked as a model and has appeared in various fashion shows and campaigns.

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Her social media presence shows that she has a keen interest in fashion, and she often posts pictures of herself in trendy outfits and accessories.

In addition to her fashion career, Anna Mariana is also a dedicated mother. She and Casemiro have two children together, a son named Enzo and a daughter named Sara.

The couple often shares pictures of their children on their social media accounts and is known for being very family-oriented.


Overall, while there isn’t a great deal of information available about Casemiro’s wife, Anna Mariana, it is clear that she is a talented model and a dedicated mother.

She and Casemiro make a beautiful couple, and their love for each other and their family is evident through their social media posts and public appearances.

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