Who Is César Azpilicueta’s Wife Adriana Guerendiain?

César Azpilicueta's Wife Adriana Guerendiain

This article will tell you about the relationship between César Azpilicueta and his wife

César Azpilicueta has signed a new contract with Atletico Madrid. As he departed from Chelsea, he left the fans emotional because of how great of a legend he is for the club.

Cesar is one of the Chelsea’s most well-liked defenders of all time. He, who has been playing for around nine years and is one of the team’s biggest assets, is one name that immediately comes to mind when discussing them.

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The Spanish international and his wife Adriana Azpilicueta relate a touching tale of love and comradery that dates back many years.

Who Is Adriana Guerendiain?

Adriana Guerendiain, Cesar Azpilicueta’s gorgeous wife, was born on April 28, 1990. She is a Taurus by birth, and her demeanor reflects her determined and uncompromising temperament.

Adriana, a natural leader and decision-maker, places her trust in her family and success, a true value that distinguishes her greatly. She was born in the lovely city of Valencia, Spain, and holds Spanish nationality. She avoids social media and does not have an Instagram or Twitter account because she is a very private person.

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César Azpilicueta's Wife Adriana Guerendiain
César Azpilicueta’s Wife Adriana Guerendiain

Adriana is one of those exceptional accomplished women that prioritize their family above anything else. She has been a constant for Cesar, taking care of the family and supporting them in their attempts.

All You Need To Know About Adriana Guerendiain

Adriana Guerendiain is the daughter of Spanish bar owner Juan Guerendiain. Christina Guerendiain, her loving mother, is a stay-at-home mom. Adriana has a wonderful supportive brother named Marco Guerendiain.

She began her family life with Cesar by marrying the eternal love knot in 2015. Adriana and Cesar are a loving couple with two children. Martina Azpilicueta, the first daughter, was born in 2014, just before the couple married, and Carlotta Azpilicueta was born in 2017.

Adriana and Cesar Azpilicueta desired to keep their marriage private. Adriana, who adores her family and takes care of their every need, wanted to spend the special day with them.

Adriana and Cesar dated for several years before marrying in 2015 in Azpilicueta’s birthplace of Pamplona, Spain. Around 300 people attended the brief ceremony, including friends, relatives, and Cesar’s Chelsea and Spain national team teammates. It was a fairytale wedding.

What Degree Does Adriana Has?

Adriana Guerendiain places a high value on education and learning. She finished high school in her native Spain. Her foundation was Valencia Montessori School.

She afterwards relocated to Barcelona to further her education, where she got a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Barcelona. Her ability to study about history and her desire to share her knowledge with others led her to a career as a history teacher.

Adriana truly embodies love and kindness. Adriana chose her family over others despite having a good and promising career as a historian with enormous growth opportunities.

She chose to abandon her career and become a full-time homemaker when the pair relocated to the lovely city of London. Adriana wished to be present for her husband and children.

She desired to lavish love on their children and to treasure every moment of achievement Cesar has. Adriana, a lady of substance filled with power, passion, belief, love, and trust, brilliantly expressed the definition of true love.