Who is Delfina Suarez? See Pictures

Delfina Suarez | Credit: insta/delfinasuarez_official

Being the renowned daughter of Uruguayan football sensation Luis Suarez, Delfina Suarez is a celebrity child.

Luis Suarez, a professional football player from Uruguay, and Sofia Balbi have one child, Delfina, who is the sole child. According to reports, she was born in Barcelona, Spain, and raised there for a considerable amount of her early years.

Delfina has two brothers: Lautaro Suarez was born in 2018 and Benjamin was born on September 26, 2013. Her father plays football for Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense, a Brazilian football team, and she resides in Porto Alegre, Brazil, with her family.

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In 2023, Luis Suarez’s daughter will be 13 years old. The teenager was born in 2010, and she celebrates her birthday on August 5 of each year. Leo is her zodiac sign.

Why is Delfina Suarez famous?

The famous child rose to prominence as the daughter of professional football player Luis Suarez from Uruguay.

On occasion, she can be seen supporting her father while he plays football from the stands. Delfina is another emerging social media star who has a sizable fan base on Facebook and Instagram.

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Delfina Suarez
Delfina Suarez | Credit: insta/delfinasuarez_official

Her father was a well-known striker for some of the best teams in Europe, such as Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and Liverpool.

He’s now a player for the Brazilian football team Gremio. When Delfina Suarez celebrates a goal, her father gives her a kiss on the wrist where her daughter’s name is inked.

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Sofia Balbi, her mother, is a well-known social media figure with a sizable fan base on Instagram, where he frequently posts images of his family and daily life.