Who Is Gareth Bale’s Wife? See Pictures

Gareth Bale's Wife Emma Rhys-Jones

This article will tell you about the relationship between Gareth Bale and his wife

Gareth is a former professional footballer who most recently represented Wales in the World Cup and LAFC in the United States. He was born on July 16, 1989 in Cardiff.

Bale began playing football with Southampton before transferring to Tottenham. He committed to a six-year contract with Real Madrid in 2013 and went on to win several of football’s most prestigious awards, including the Champions League five times.

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Who Is Emma Rhys-Jones?

For more than ten years, Emma Rhys-Jones has been in relationship with Gareth Bale. She was raised in Llanishen, a neighborhood in north Cardiff a few kilometers from Bale’s home.

While attending Whitchurch High School in the early 2000s, the couple started dating. In July 2016, they became engaged, and Gareth shared the happy news on social media by writing, “She said yes!! This is a birthday weekend I won’t forget for a long time…”

A year after Gareth’s spectacular goal in the Champions League final, the couple wed in 2019.

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How many children do Emma Rhys-Jones and Gareth Bale have?

Gareth Bale and Emma have four children – two daughters and two sons. Alba Violet, their first child, was born on October 21, 2012, at the University Hospital of Wales.

Gareth Bale's Wife Emma Rhys-Jones
Gareth Bale’s Wife Emma Rhys-Jones

On March 22, 2016, Nava Valentina, their second child, was born. Prior to the birth of their fourth child, Xander, on July 7, 2021, the couple’s son Axel was born on May 8, 2018.

All You Need To Know About Emma Rhys-Jones?

Emma was born to a modest Welsh household on July 29, 1991. Martin Rhys-Jones is her father, and Suzanne McMurray is her mother.

Along with twin brothers Robert and John Rhys-Jones, she has two sisters named Charlotte and Katie. Tragic things have happened to Emma’s family.

Her father, who was imprisoned after being found guilty of fraud, is where it all began. Her mother’s identity is unknown to us at this time. Emma was raised by her grandparents, who hosted her for the majority of her youth.

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However, in Cardiff in September 2016, her grandparents also took part in a drug war. At this time, we are unsure if they were imprisoned due to a criminal offense.

One month after the incident, Emma’s aunt was also detained after she was found in possession of narcotics, money, and watches worth £1 million.

5 Facts You Should Know About Gareth Bale
5 Facts You Should Know About Gareth Bale

Katie, the younger sister of Emma, has also endured a great loss. Under pressure, her husband Alex Williams killed himself. Social services began looking into him after receiving complaints regarding their two children.

The unfortunate incident was caused by the melancholy and anxiousness. Following the incident, Gareth Bale gave Emma’s youngest sister a £250,000 property.

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