Young Spanish football coach died-due to COVID-19

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Young Spanish football coach died-due to COVID-19

Sports Desk- The coronavirus is rapidly spreading throughout the world. Because of this, all countries have canceled or postponed their sporting events. Recently, coronavirus (COVID-19) infection occurred on 16 footballers. It is now reported that the virus killed a 21-year-old young football player.

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Francisco Garcia, coach of the Spanish league’s second division youth team Atletico Portada Alta, was admitted to a local hospital after being diagnosed with severe COVID-19. After being taken to the hospital, he was found suffering from leukemia.

Atletico Portada Alta said in a statement translated from Spanish to English. “What will we do without you now, Francis? You were always there with us at Portada or wherever we needed you, helping. How are we going to continue to conquer kilometers in the league? We don’t know how but for sure, we will do so for you. We will never forget you.”

Not only this Coronavirus of 11 players from Italy Football League Serie A and 5 from La Liga have been found to test positive.  a total of 16 footballers have tested positive.

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