Betting Tips You Have to Know for the Upcoming March Madness

By Shyam
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Betting Tips You Have to Know for the Upcoming March Madness

March Madness is coming fast, and there’s no better time than now to get into the fray and bet like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re a real fan of basketball, you should know about March Madness and how it’s not only one of the biggest basketball events but also one of the most-awaited and biggest sporting events in the US every year.

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Seasoned bettors are hyping themselves up to grab this opportunity, and if you’re interested to learn about the betting tips and tricks you can use for March Madness, then you’re in the right place. Here are some tips and an explanation that you can use to win big in March Madness.

Ignore Those Expert Brackets If You Can

If you’ve done your research about March Madness, you must have crossed many “expert” brackets and picks from online sports new websites or some other so-called experts. When you’re out of ideas on how you want to bet on March Madness, it can be tempting to follow these experts and hope for the best.

News flash; not all of these so-called experts are right all the time. Of course, we’re not saying that they’re all wrong, but there’s just no way of knowing if they’re right. But how would you know if their picks are good? Of course, if you want to, you can try out their picks and evaluate them from that. However, March Madness only comes once a year.

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That means if you mess up this year, you’re going to have to wait a full year to take back your losses. That said, instead of trying them out one by one, you can focus your research on their backgrounds. Read their articles and see if they have either an impressive win-loss ratio or a lame one.

Home Court Advantage is Still a Thing

For a sports bettor like you, you must have heard the term “home court advantage” so many times that you’re sick of it. Sick or not, it’s still one of the important ways for you to know if a team will perform well during their games. That said, pay attention to where the games are played. You have to remember that most schools have to ride a bus or a plane from their place to the venue.

The stress of their trip might affect their performance, especially if it’s a long one. Not only that, but the crowd that usually supports is not there, so their hype must’ve sunk even though it’s just a little bit.

Many professionals calculate that the Utah Jazz has the highest points in PPG with 4.16 points better at home than when on the road. The next team is Denver Nuggets with 4.11. The other teams usually have points below 4.0. If you compare it with college basketball, there are more or less than 31 teams with PPG points above 5.0; you can really see the difference.

But why? College basketball players have less experience in life and in-game than professional NBA players. That said, being on the home turf, the crowd has a bigger impact on the college basketball players.

If you are not convinced by the home-court advantage factor, take a look at the March Madness last 2019 in Salt Lake City. Players from Utah and Colorado had a keen edge against teams in other states because they are more accustomed to the reduced oxygen.

Don’t Ignore Defensive Teams

High-scoring teams are great to bet on during the regular season. They can throw in a lot of hoops, and they emphasize offense. However, these high offensive teams tend to have difficulty keeping up in the postseason. Not only that, but they are also prone to upset as there will always be a day where the shots just don’t fall inside the hoop. That said, defensive teams are great to bet on since they can defend well against the spread.

Don’t Ignore the Smaller Market Games

Like any other form of sports betting, the key to making money through your bets is to find value bets. But how are you going to do this? It’s easier than you imagine. Value bets don’t only come from marquee games but also on the smaller ones. We all know that bets constantly shift according to the bettors. That said, smaller games are easier to shift because it has little money on it.

That said, with this constant fluctuation, you will eventually find value if you look hard enough. Yes, finding value in bigger games is more fun and profitable, but if you want to profit more, you also have to look for value in the smaller games during March Madness, especially at the first round.

Probably the only downside of smaller market games in some states is because of the several laws against online gambling like the Unlawful Internet Gambling which doesn’t crack down on the bettors themselves but to the establishments that provide them. Because of this, the market for betting on smaller games is even smaller, which makes it harder to shop for value.


There’s no better time of year than March to tune in to college basketball. If you’re a bettor and you’re interested in getting big prizes during March Madness, then you should hop in and join the fray with these betting tips we mentioned above. There’s nothing better than adding spice to this sporting event than to bet on them. But, as always, never risk more of your bankroll than you can afford to lose. Betting is fun and it adds thrill to the sport but never sacrifice your financial life over it.

Note: We do not endorse betting in any way. The given information is guest post only.

By Shyam
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