Gambling statistics in India

Gambling statistics in India

Here are key statistics for gambling in India

India is growing at a fast rate in the field of online gambling. If we look in the past 10 years, more than 80% of Indians gamble at least once a year. There is no shortage of online gaming in India. The craze of online gaming in India is rapidly increasing every year.

Although gambling is illegal in India but government is looking forward to giving it a certificate of full legalization. Bet on sports is one of the favourites for Indian gambler to do. Since there are many online sports games that can be bet.

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Gaming Industry

Having one of the fastest growing online gambling markets, non-Indian casino companies are doing their best to find Indian players. If gambling were legal laws for gambling field, India would have become a global leader than its current position.

Despite the restrictions, India is growing at a rate of 20% per year in real gambling money. If certain laws are made, India’s gambling market could reach more than $1 billion.

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Many websites are providing gambling games to Indian players, one of them is Casumo India which offer players blackjack, poker, rummy, and some amount of sign up money.

Future in Mobile Gambling

Most of the Indians bet on sports like Hockey and Cricket. A very few of them show their interest in Horse Racing. This was made possible because of growth of internet services in rural areas.

Out of the parts of India, the south India achieves more targets every year as people especially adult males take part in online mobile betting more than any parts of India. This shows that mobile gambling has a wide range of benefits.

Betting in Cricket

The most played online betting sport is Cricket. Everyday crores of people bet on Cricket to collect revenue for the next bets. These bets increase on the IPL days every year when the league runs.

Future of Gambling in India

Gambling is rapidly increasing in India and more and more players are investing their time and money in this field everyday.

Although gambling lands are prohibited according to The Public Gaming Act of 1867, the government is spying on these spots and whenever it finds something like this, the person might be put in jail. Sikkim is the only state by now having licensed gambling lands. Hopefully we would see a better gambling future in India till the next 5 years.

Note : We do not support betting in any way. The given information is guest post only.

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