Gerrit Cole is an Underrated and Dominant Pitcher in the MLB

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Gerrit Cole, pitcher for the New York Yankees, is considered by many as one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball (MLB) but is also often underrated. In a quick poll of scouts and executives after a recent game, they ranked him as one of the top pitchers in the league, with one even ranking him in the top three.

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However, many still do not fully appreciate the extent of his greatness. This article will explore the reasons why Gerrit Cole is the most dominant pitcher in the MLB, despite being underrated.

Gerrit Cole’s Sweet Spot in His Career

At 31 years old, Gerrit Cole is currently in the sweet spot of his career, which is one of the reasons why he is considered the most dominant pitcher in the league. He is at the height of his prime and is in a better position than other top pitchers who are either close to retirement or just starting their careers. His talent and dependability make him stand out from other pitchers, and his precise game plan execution sets him apart from his peers.

Gerrit Cole’s Impressive Statistics

According to the Yankees’ game notes since 2020, Gerrit Cole leads the league in strikeouts with 626 and strikeouts per nine innings at 11.69. He is also second in wins, behind the Dodgers’ Julio Urias, with 40. These numbers are a testament to his greatness and consistency. Cole’s fastball speed might have dropped a little, but his command and control over the ball have become more precise. In his recent game against the Minnesota Twins, he allowed only one walk and struck out all but two batters in the Twins lineup, showing his dominance on the mound.

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Many fans are already looking forward to the World Series 2023, and some are even considering placing their bets on their favorite team. With Gerrit Cole’s impressive record and consistency, it’s no surprise that he’s a top contender for the Cy Young Award this season and possibly a key player for any team looking to win the World Series 2023 betting.

Gerrit Cole’s Work Ethic

Gerrit Cole is known for his strong work ethic, and it has certainly paid off in his career. He is a pitcher who puts in the extra effort to prepare himself before every game, going through his routines and studying his opponents. Cole has also been able to work around injuries and pitch well when it mattered the most. He shows that to become great at what you do, you need to put in the work.

Gerrit Cole’s Mental Toughness

Gerrit Cole’s mental toughness is another factor that makes him the most dominant pitcher in the MLB. He is someone who can handle the pressure and rise to the occasion in big games. In the playoffs, he has been almost unbeatable, with a record of 7-2 and an ERA of 2.60. He is a pitcher who thrives on challenges and has the mental strength to deliver when it counts.

Gerrit Cole’s Influence on His Teammates

Gerrit Cole’s influence on his teammates is evident, with Nestor Cortes, a teammate of Cole, calling him “No. 1, no question.” He has a great attitude towards the game and is always willing to help his teammates. Cole is an excellent role model who leads by example and inspires his teammates to work harder and strive for greatness.


In conclusion, Gerrit Cole is a highly underrated and dominant pitcher in the MLB. He is in the prime of his career with impressive statistics. As the baseball world looks ahead to the World Series 2023, Gerrit Cole is a top contender for the Cy Young Award this season and a key player for any team looking to win the championship.

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