How To Watch The World Baseball Classic 2023 (WBC)

World Baseball Classic
World Baseball Classic
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This article will tell you about how you can watch World Baseball Classic 2023

The 2023 World Baseball Classic will be held between March 8th and March 21st. The tournament was supposed to happen in 2021 but it was postponed due to the COVOD-19 outbreak.

The WBC features 20 teams from around the world. It is organized by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) in collaboration with Major League Baseball (MLB).

The good thing is that FOX has become the official broadcasting member for the upcoming big tournament.

Where Will The Tournament Be Played?

The 2023 World Baseball Classic will be played across different venues in the USA, Japan, and Taiwan. Because of this, the tournament games will be played at suitable times in their respective time zones.

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Team USA is set to kick off their campaign on March 11th against Great Britain at Chase Field, the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Team USA will play all of their group stage games in Arizona from March 11th to 15th.

Where can I watch the World Baseball Classic?

The tournament’s action will be streamed on FOX, FS1, FS2, FOX Deportes, Tubi as well as on their online platform. There will be 47 games played across the two-week tournament, with all airing on FOX networks.

World Baseball Classic 2023 Pools

The World Baseball Classic is broken into four pools of five teams, with the hosts all playing in their home countries.

Japan is in Pool B in Tokyo, the United States is in Pool C in Arizona, and the Dominican Republic is in Pool D in Miami.

Pool A – Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium (Taichung, Chinese Taipei)

  • Chinese Taipei
  • Netherlands
  • Cuba
  • Italy
  • Panama

Pool B – Tokyo Dome (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Australia
  • China
  • Czech Republic

Pool C – Chase Field (Phoenix, Arizona)

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Canada
  • Great Britain

Pool D – LoanDepot Park (Miami, Florida)

  • Puerto Rico
  • Dominican Republic
  • Venezuela
  • Israel
  • Nicaragua

World Baseball Classic 2023 schedule

Pool A (Chinese Taipei)

March 711 p.m.Cuba vs. Netherlands
March 86 a.m.Panama vs. Chinese Taipei
March 811 p.m. Panama vs. Netherlands
March 96 a.m.Italy vs. Cuba
March 911:30 p.m.Cuba vs. Panama
March 106 a.m.Italy vs. Chinese Taipei
March 1011 p.m.Panama vs. Italy
March 116 a.m.Netherlands vs. Chinese Taipei
March 1111 p.m.Chinese Taipei vs. Cuba
March 127 a.m.Netherlands vs. Italy

Pool B (Tokyo)

March 810 p.m.Australia vs. South Korea
March 95 a.m.China vs. Japan
March 910 p.m.Czech Republic vs. China
March 105 a.m.Korea vs. Japan
March 1010 p.m.China vs. Australia
March 115 a.m.Czech Republic vs. Japan
March 1110 p.m.Czech Republic vs. Korea
March 126 a.m.Japan vs. Australia
March 1211 p.m.Australia vs. Czech Republic
March 136 a.m.Korea vs. China

Pool C (Phoenix)

March 112:30 p.m.Colombia vs. Mexico
March 1110 p.m.Great Britain vs. USA
March 123 p.m.Great Britain vs. Canada
March 1210 p.m.Mexico vs. USA
March 133 p.m.Colombia vs. Great Britain
March 1310 p.m.Canada vs. USA
March 143 p.m.Canada vs. Colombia
March 1410 p.m.Great Britain vs. Mexico
March 153 p.m.Mexico vs. Canada
March 1510 p.m.USA vs. Colombia

Pool D (Miami)

March 1112 p.m.Nicaragua vs. Puerto Rico
March 117 p.m.Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela
March 1212 p.m.Nicaragua vs. Israel
March 127 p.m.Venezuela vs. Puerto Rico
March 1312 p.m.Dominican Republic vs. Nicaragua
March 137 p.m.Israel vs. Puerto Rico
March 1412 p.m.Nicaragua vs. Venezuela
March 147 p.m.Israel vs. Dominican Republic
March 1512 p.m.Venezuela vs. Israel
March 157 p.m.Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic


March 156 a.m.Tokyo Pool B runner-up vs. Pool A winner
March 166 a.m.Tokyo Pool A runner-up vs. Pool B winner
March 177 p.m.MiamiPool C runner-up vs. Pool D winner
March 187 p.m.MiamiPool D runner-up vs. Pool C winner


March 197 p.m.MiamiQuarterfinal 1 winner vs. Quarterfinal 3 winner
March 207 p.m.MiamiQuarterfinal 2 winner vs. Quarterfinal 4 winner


March 217 p.m.MiamiSemifinal 1 winner vs. Semifinal 2 winnerFS1 Live

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