The Strangest Sports and Bets

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Patrons of bookies often wager on forthcoming athletic events or make predictions while watching the game live. But, some individuals like playing Russian roulette with their destiny by placing wagers on the unlikeliest of outcomes. From the looks of their wagers, they have no interest in probability or basic sense.

It’s true that not all books will accept offbeat wagers, but some will always go along with their patrons. Listed here are some of the most unusual wagers that have been placed at bookies.

Golfers Place Their Betting

Most golfers have probably placed bets on the results of specific holes, but poker star Phil Ivey has taken this to a whole new level. 

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The time he played golf with Joe Cassidy became a cultural landmark because of this. Ivey was up by more than $10,000 at the time, so he let his friend have an extra 10 points for an 80-yard field goal attempt. 

After winning a $1,000 wager with odds of 200 to 1, he quickly made a hole-in-one. Instantaneously, his wealth increased by $200,000. Despite the fact that it took poor Cassidy a couple of years to scrape together enough money to pay off the wager.

A Bite Bet

A Norwegian sports enthusiast made an out-of-the-ordinary wager. Like many other sports bettors and sweepstakes participants, he has chosen to put his money where his mouth is by wagering on the outcome of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

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The supporter had bet that Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez will bite an opponent during the 2014 tournament. Given his history of unsportsmanlike conduct, this kind of behavior from a football player was to be anticipated.

French Weather Girl Bet

Doris Tiller, a French weather forecaster, rooted for her country’s soccer team to make it to the World Cup. She desired it so badly that she offered to make her prediction while completely undressed if they were successful.

 Doris (a former model) maintained her promise to undress on live television and she wasn’t even fired when her compatriots won a big game against Ukraine. That right there, folks, is genuine European tolerance.

Teenage Son Wins the British Open

Gerry McIlroy, the father of professional golfer Rory McIlroy, is the only person who has ever won this kind of outrageous sports bet. The senior McIlroy family member wagered $341 at 500 to 1 odds on his 15-year-old son winning the tournament, and the stake allowed him a decade to do it. 

Frozen National Anthem

Idina Menzel is a well-known singer, most notably for her role as Elsa in Frozen films and for having her name butchered by John Travolta at the Academy Awards.

One big bookmaker accepted wagers on whether or not the American-born singer would mess up the lyrics to the National Anthem when she was invited to perform it at Super Bowl XLIX. 

She nailed it, delivering a powerful, unorthodox national anthem version. Menzel obviously didn’t mind being in the middle of a throng.

Cow Chip Tossing

From the beginning of almost six decades, Beaver, Oklahoma has been visited by hundreds of tourists each year. Since there are sixteen times as many cows as there are people in the area, an official competition for the world championship of cow chip throwing was held there.

People go there to compete with one another to see who can hurl a piece of dry cow excrement the farthest. Each player receives two tosses with chips that are at least 6 inches in diameter. The winner is determined by who throws the farthest. 

Some people believe that licking their fingers between throws improves their luck and control. on the other hand, we tend to trust the expert’s word. In 2015, a Beaver native named Drew Russell, then 28 years old, set a new record by throwing a dung chip 188 feet, 6 inches. 

The odds for this sport may not be available at your typical sportsbook, but the locals undoubtedly have a good time betting on it.


So, how many of these offbeat wagers on sports are you planning to place? Betting on sports is not only a method to pass the time, but also a means to make big money based on your expertise or on your craziness. 

Nevertheless, in order to be successful at sports betting, you need to have a basic understanding of cricket and should not train to throw chips away.

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