The Top 2021 WSOP Gold Bracelet Winners

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Right before 4 am on the 21st of November, Jeremy Ausmus managed to defeat the one and only Phil Hellmuth. This helped him to capture his third bracelet and it is also his second title in the WSOP 2021. Ausmus managed to top the 85-entry field event and he took home a whopping $1,188,918. Ausmus won the first gold bracelet at the 2021 event and he also took home the top honour in the Charity Event as well. The win was worth a little less than the one he was able to take home, only coming to around $48,687.

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In the days that came after he won it, he joked about being down to start the series. This is because he managed to fire two bullets in the $25,000 series event. He has said that right now, he’s not down and that he is going to finish a winner. He went on to say that things were very close for quite some time, but he managed to come out on top in the end.

Two Superstars

Ausmus managed to battle through a very tough field of competitors and when he got down to the main event, it was him playing against two superstars in the world of poker. It was Jeremy Ausmus, Phil Hellmuth and of course, Daniel Negreanu. Three-handed was swingy and it is safe to say that the stacks were not deep either. That being said though, Hellmuth and Ausmus were able to go together for the bracelet. Ausmus started the play with the lead and it is safe to say that the match did not take long at all. The players managed to get the money in, with a 9-7-6 flop. Ausmus managed to flop a straight, ending with ace-eight-five and two.

Hellmuth had a king-nine-seven-six, making a two pair. A ten managed to hit on the turn, with a Queen on the river. This gave Ausmus the title and it helped to cement his legacy as being one of the greats. As for the win, he’s come out to say that the win feels good and that this is one of the last WSOP bracelets to be awarded at the Rio hotel. He has said that his bracelet was in Europe, and out of Paris. Until this year, he had not been able to win a bracelet. He has had a few deep runs, and that it is very nice for him to be able to take a few down. For as long as the WSOP has existed in his world, it has been played at the RIO hotel, so it is safe to say that it does hold a lot of great memories for him.

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For Ausmus, it would seem that this is his third victory and it is another WSOP bracelet for him. When you look at the fifth-place finish he managed to obtain in the year 2012, you will soon see that this is the biggest victory of his career. He is very happy with the result and he has said that he cannot wait to see what the future holds. Finishing behind Hellmuth and Ausmus was Negreanu. Hellmuth managed to eliminate him and he took home just over $519,764 in prize money. Ben Lamb and Josh Arieh also reached the final table and they busted in seventh and then eighth, respectively. Some very exciting events have unfolded so far in the WSOP and it is safe to say that there is more good news to come in the future.

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