Upcoming Sports Events to Bet On

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The T20 World Cup brings together the best players in the world

Big Sports Events to Bet on This Year

We might be nearing the end of 2021 but there is still plenty of sport to be played in the next two months. That also means that there are lots of betting opportunities for sports fans.

We’ve had a quick look at the sporting calendar for the rest of the year and highlighted some of the biggest sporting events in the world to help you plan your betting selections. All these events will be covered at Canada Sports Betting, so take a look at our choices and make your decisions.

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T20 World Cup 2021

This is the big event in world cricket this year. After being rescheduled because of COVID, the T20 World Cup has been taking place in the United Arab Emirates and Oman since October. There have already been some great matches but there is still time to place a few more bets before the final on Sunday 14 November.

All the top international teams and players are competing to win the trophy and there are lots of betting markets available for every single game up until the big showdown in the middle of the month. India was the favorite before the tournament began but a poor showing has meant that there has been a re-think on the odds. With T20 cricket anything can happen – so check out the latest betting markets now.

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NFL Super Bowl

This selection is a little bit of a cheat, as the Super Bowl doesn’t actually take place until the beginning of February next year. But with the NFL season now in full swing, you can find a lot of markets covering the big game – as well all the regular season match ups.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and one that transcends the sport, attracting interest even from people who have no real connection with American football. The race for the title looks wide open this season, so there are a lot of good value bets on offer.

NHL Regular Season

The NHL is back with a new team
The NHL is back with a new team

Hockey is always big news in Canada especially – and there are countless betting markets available for the latest NHL season. It all began in October and runs through to next April before the postseason playoffs really ramp up the excitement. There is a full 82-game regular season once again this year and the race for the Stanley Cup is as intense as ever.

The big news this season was a new expansion team in the form of the Seattle Kraken. A new side always makes things very interesting and they will be hoping – like everyone else – to stop the Tampa Bay Lightning from winning their third consecutive title.

Soccer World Cup Qualifiers

Champions League soccer is some of the most popular in the world but the international World Cup qualifiers always attract a lot of attention as the national sides take all the headlines. The race is on to qualify for the 2022 World Cup being held in Qatar at the end of next year.

There are different qualifying programs for different regions but all the top international teams are on show and doing everything they can to be involved in the biggest soccer tournament in the world next year.

Final Thoughts

There are obviously thousands of other sporting events taking place this year – and most of them will be covered by sports betting sites. We’ve highlighted just a few that have taken our interest. But if you check out the online bookmakers you will be able to make your own selections.

Remember to do your research and bet responsibility. But do take a look around, as you might find some really good value betting opportunities, even for some of the biggest sporting events in the world.


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