Why is Grayson Waller not interested in bringing WWE to UK?

Hey, I'm going to bring WrestleMania to London, but I think he's very similar to John Cena. Sometimes they just say things.

By Shyam
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Many people are buzzing about WWE WrestleMania in the UK, but Grayson Waller isn’t interested.

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While there is a lot of conjecture regarding the location of WWE WrestleMania in 2019, the possibility of it occurring in the UK at some time in the future has garnered a lot of attention recently. For many, that might be a thrilling idea, but Grayson Waller doesn’t think so.

Since joining the main roster, the current WWE Tag Team Champion has become more well-known in the business.

Although he and Austin Theory enjoyed success on the Grandest Stage Of Them All this year, he is opposed to WWE WrestleMania taking place in the United Kingdom in the future.

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The upcoming WWE Backlash event is one of the premium live events that WWE has been organizing more frequently in other countries.

WWE has seen great success with its overseas shows, selling a lot of tickets. This positive response may prompt the corporation to think about shifting its largest performance of the year abroad.

Waller has made it apparent to BodySlam.net that he does not want it to occur, despite the fact that people like Drew McIntyre and John Cena find the idea appealing.

“Yeah, I think I’ve made my thoughts very clear about what I think about England, and especially as an Australian, I guess being Irish is kind of similar. Like, I’m not a fan, and I think that guy was just doing everything he can to get re-elected. You know, that’s a pretty cool thing. Hey, I’m going to bring WrestleMania to London, but I think he’s very similar to John Cena. Sometimes they just say things. We’re not going there. We’re going to proper places where the wrestlers actually want to be.” 

By Shyam
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