10 Best Tennis Servers of All Time

10 Best Tennis Servers of All Time
10 Best Tennis Servers of All Time

Serve is the most important short in tennis if you are a good server, you are always one step ahead of your opponent until your opponent is not a good returner.

Many players in the history of tennis were known because of their serves and I do not mean that they were getting one or two points from service but sometimes they took matches from opponent’s hand.

10. Milos Raonic

The Canadian has not achieved that which he is capable of in his career but still he is well known for his serves. He got 18.9 as the average aces per match and has 92.2% service games won. His fastest serve was 155.3 mph. his biggest achievement in his career was when he reached the Wimbledon final in 2016.

9. Bill Tilden

Back in 1920s Bill Tilden was one the best player in his era. His 6’2” height was considered as the tallest height in is time. During his prime he won 15 singles titles and was No.1 for 6 consecutive years. His height plays a key role in his serves and also to cover courts. He was well known for his serves in his prime.

8. Roger Federer

The Swiss tennis legend and one of the best to ever play the game was also a good server in his early days and now to his serves are accurate and well placed but lack in speed which he got when he was young. He got 7.8 as average aces per match and 88.84% of service games won with fastest serve of 143 mph.

7. Pancho Gonzales

There is no doubt that the speed of Pancho Gonzales serves was just incredible and even more than the players of today’s generation. His serves got him 1 ranking in 1950s and also two Wimbledon titles. He was not popular in his era but his hard hitting and fast serves gave him a different identity in tennis.

6. Boris Becker

Boris is a well-known player among the tennis fans as he was the youngest ever Wimbledon champion at the age of 17. Serves in his game played a very important role. His ability to put ball anywhere in the court made him special. At the end of his career, he managed to get some cheap points with his slow serves. He has 7.7 average aces per match, 88.56% service games won and a fastest serve of 156 mph.

5. Goran Ivanisevic

He was best left-handed server in the history of tennis. his simple techniques of service made him one of the best servers. He got simple plan in his mind to keep the ball near to the net when serve to maintain its speed. He won one Wimbledon title in 2001 although he was in final 4 times. He got 15.4 average aces per matches, 91.61% service games won and fastest serve of 156 mph.

4. Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick is considered as one of the fastest servers in tennis history. he won one US open title. His serves and serves motion are just delightful to watch. He has 11.6 as average aces per match with 90.11% service games won and a brilliant 155 mph as his fastest serve which he gave in Davis cup.

3. Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras was one of the greatest champions in tennis history and it would not be possible if he was not a server. His ability to put the ball where ever he wants was just brilliant some of his serves were that difficult to even get a racquet on that ball. He used to serve hard on his opponent’s body to jam them. He has 11 average aces per match, 88.75% service games won and 153 mph as fastest serve.

2. Ivo Karlovic

One of the tallest players Ivo Karlovic is one of the best servers as well. He takes full advantage of his height to deliver a perfect serve which puts him ahead of his opponent. His serves made him one of the most dangerous players to face in early rounds of the game. It was his serves which still kept him alive in his 40s and to compete with best in the worlds. He got an amazing 22.7 average aces per match and 92.08% service games won. His fastest serve was 156 mph which is just amazing.

1. John Isner

John isner is the best server in tennis history and also to serve the fastest service in tennis history in Davis cup in 2016. Many people remembered him as the player who won the longest watch in tennis history but reason was his serves. He is a tall player and takes full advantage of his height he can cover court easily and also; he is a good player of net. He crushes his first serve, but also hits a second serve which has pace in it. He has 22.8 average aces per match, 93.8% service games won and the fastest serve recorded in tennis history that is 157.2 mph.