This female tennis player will return at the age of 36 after retiring twice

Kim Clijsters returns: After a sensational second coming
Kim Clijsters returns: After a sensational second coming
Sports desk – Many players return to the field after retirement. During this time, they have to face so many challenges. Something similar is being done by former World Number One Belgian women’s tennis player Kim Clijsters. At the age of 36, Clijsters is going to return once again. In some way where the players of this age think of retiring, the Clijsters is making a comeback.
Kim Clijsters will return to tennis from the 2020 WTA. Clijsters is a four-time singles grand slam winner. She says she wants to take it as a challenge. She said, ‘I don’t think of anything I want to prove something, I think it’s like a challenge for me.’

Let me tell you in the information, Kim retired in 2007 when she was going to give birth to the first child. She then returned in 2009 after two years and captured the US Open (2009, 2010) and Australian Open (2011). But she retired again in 2012 due to injury.
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