Top 5 best Italian players in tennis history

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Top 5 best Italian players in tennis history

There are not many Italian players who won the grand slams in singles but Italian players are very competitive and successful when it comes to doubles whether it is men’s or women’s. So, in this article, we will see the top 5 best Italian players in tennis history.

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#5 Roberta Vinci

Roberta Vinci is a retired women’s tennis player from Italy. She was famous as a doubles player I which she even won five grand slams in doubles. Her highest career ranking in singles was No.7. Her career-high ranking in doubles was No.1.

#4 Nicola Pietrangeli

Nicola Pietrangeli was an Italian tennis player before the open era. he is now forgotten by many tennis fans but for Italians, he is still a legend. He won a couple of grand slam titles in his career. He won the French Open in 1959 and 1960. He reached his career highest ranking of No.3 in his time.

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#3 Sara Errani

Sara Errani is another women’s tennis player from Italy. She is also famous for her doubles play. She has a career highest ranking of No.1 in doubles. She won 9 singles and 27 doubles WTA titles in her career. She also has 5 grand slam titles in doubles. She also has the record of highest ever WTA titles by an Italian women tennis player.

#2 Francesca Schiavone

Francesca Schiavone is a retired Italian professional tennis player. She is also the most successful women Italian tennis player. She is also the only women Italian tennis player who has a grand slam in singles. She won the 2010 French open and she was also the runner-up in the 2011 French open. She gained most of her titles and popularity in the latter half of her career.

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#1 Adriano Panatta

Adriano Panatta is the only Italian tennis player who has won the grand slam title in the men’s category after the open era. he won the 1976 French Open. His career-high rank was No.6. he is a legend in Italian tennis history and he also deserves all the praise. He is also famous as the only Italian player who defeated Bjorn Borg in Roland Garros. Italians mostly play on clay courts and he was a fine example of how to use clay courts.

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