Top 5 Tennis Rivalries Ever

By khushi
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Top 5 Tennis Rivalries Ever

Rivalries are expected in every sport in this world. In tennis also there are several rivalries which are either friendly or not that much friendly. There can be many reasons for a rivalry in any sports it can be because of the two completely different players or teams or it can be because of proving who is the best. So, in this article, we will see the top 5 tennis rivalries ever.

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#5 Rafael Nadal Vs Novak Djokovic

We are talking about the rivalry between the two of the most successful players in the history of tennis. Djokovic and Nadal have produced some of the finest matches in tennis history which gave fans a lot of memories. When it comes to who is leading the battle it is Serbian star Djokovic who is 2 matches ahead in terms of victory in head-to-head matches between these two. Djokovic won 30 matches whereas Nadal won 28 matches in 58 matches played in between these two.

#4 Venus Williams Vs Serena Williams

Probably the best sibling rivalry that had ever happened in the history of tennis. it’s William’s sisters that are at No.4 on our list. Both the sisters enjoyed a lot of success in their respective careers. They even played together and won 14 grand slam titles and 3 Olympic gold medals. But when it comes to facing each other, they are no back. They faced each other many times and fans enjoyed every moment of their matches. When it comes to numbers. Serena is ahead of Venus as in 31 matches they had played against each other Serena was a winner in 19 of them whereas Venus won 12 out of them.

#3 Novak Djokovic Vs Roger Federer

The two modern-day greats of tennis, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are on our list. Djokovic is leading this rivalry in terms of the number of matches won. Djokovic has won 27 matches whereas Federer has won 23 matches in their head-to-head rivalries. The rivalry between these two is very unique as they both do not play with any advantage of court. It can be grass, hard court, or clay you will see the best of these two which makes these two different. Federer was 12 ahead in terms of grand slams when Djokovic won his first but now the world’s No.1 Djokovic equaled the number of grand slams with the Federer.

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#2 Martina Navratilova vs Chris Evert

The greatest women rivalry in tennis history is between the Spanish star Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert. They played 80 matches against each other out of which 60 are finals. Martina won 43 out of 80 and evert won 37 of them. From 1984 to 1085 they both played 6 grand slam finals against each other. They both played against each other on grass and indoor courts. It was the different styles of both of them which made this rivalry one of the best in sports history. they both were the face of women’s tennis in the latter half of the 20th century and both of them contributed to the development of women’s tennis.

#1 Rafael Nadal Vs Roger Federer

The two greatest sportsmen around the world and also the icons of the game. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are the best players to ever play the game of tennis. even a person who is not a fan of tennis knows their name. fans fight a lot for who is the greatest but you can debate for hours still you will lack a satisfactory answer. They both et for 40 times and Nadal with 24 victories is leading the rivalry between them whereas the Swiss legend won 16 matches out of 40. When we are talking about their rivalry who can forget that famous 2008 Wimbledon final which was one of the best matches in tennis history. they both are still playing and fans are always excited to see them again against each other.

By khushi
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