16 UFC Fighters Who Lost Their Lives During Their Fight

Top 10 MMA Fighters With Most Wins In History
Top 10 MMA Fighters With Most Wins In History

Here are those 16 UFC fighters who died during their fight

UFC is the most brutal sport in the world and a lot of people have died because of their Martial Arts’ passion. However, there are certain rules and regulation that a fighter has to follow during a fight.

This article will tell you about those 16 UFC fighters who lost their lives during their fight. Can you guess at what age did Tyrone Mims die?

Dead UFC Fighters

  • Sam Vasquez
  • Michael K Kirkham
  • Tyrone Mims
  • Booto Guylain
  • Donshay White
  • Rondel Clark
  • Mateus Fernandes
  • Alfredo Castro Herrera
  • Douglas Dedge
  • Lee
  • Mike Mittelmeier
  • Dustin Jenson
  • Felix Pablo Elochukwu
  • Ramin Zeynalov
  • Jameston Lee-Yaw
  • João Carvalho

In 2007, Sammy Vasquez competed in a Renegades Extreme in Houston, Texas which resulted in his death. He was a 35 year old man at the time of his passing by. The death report said that he died due to complications of blunt trauma of the head with a subdural hemorrhage.

Just like this, Michael Kirkham fought against his opponent Carlos Iraburo and found himself lying on the canvas in just few seconds. He soon lost consciousness and was pronounced dead two days later.

Answer to the question above – 30 years