College Football Playoff Predictor

College Football Playoff Predictor
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With the 2021 College Football season kicking off, we preview the action and look at the teams that are the most likely to claim glory as champions.

Predicting the 2021 College Football Playoffs

The 2021 College Football season is well and truly underway, with fans excited to see their favorite teams line up across the country.

There are so many games taking place every weekend, that keeping up with the best players and most promising teams is a real challenge.

Whether you are looking to make college football playoff bets or you are merely interested in knowing about the teams that are favorites to go all the way, we have put together a preview of the action.

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Below is a look at the teams that are the most likely to emerge when the 2021 College Playoffs get underway.

Predicting Divisional Winners

One of the interesting facets of American College Football is that so many different divisions exist. That is because teams tend to play against schools that are in a similar area, or may have a team of a comparable quality. That keeps the action entertaining, while leaving some achievements for teams to aim for all season.

When looking at the ACC division, most pundits believe that Clemson is a big contender, while Miami is also a good shout. The experts do believe that Clemson is going to come out as champions.

Another interesting division to assess is the Big 10, with Ohio State in the East and Wisconsin in the West looking like very impressive teams. Most believe that Ohio State will emerge as the eventual champion.

The Pac 12 and Big 12 are equally competitive, with Oregon and USC the teams to watch out for in the Pac 12. When we look at the Big 12, it is hard to look away from Oklahoma and Iowa State, even though most experts think that Oklahoma will go on to become the champion of this particular competition.

Finally, we assess the SEC, which is home to some of the best teams in the country. Georgia is looking very strong this year, while Alabama always manages to put out a very powerful team as well. However, the experts are predicting that Georgia will be the one to go on and claim glory.

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Alabama Can Regroup and Win Again

One of the interesting facets of watching College Football is that you are not seeing teams that keep the same players in their lineup for many years. Most college athletes are only on the teams for a few years, while some do not even complete the full four years before they go into the NFL Draft.

That is why some teams can have a very difficult off-season, which was the case for Alabama. They were unfortunate to lose a lot of key players, as they went on to the NFL. In total three Heisman Trophy finalists and six NFL first-round draft players have moved on.

Another knock for Alabama is that numerous members of their coaching staff have also left for higher paying jobs in the NFL or other college teams. That is a blow for their head coach Nick Saban.

The positive for Alabama is that they still possess a very good team. Roll Tide is a slogan that you will be hearing a lot in the coming season, as Bama has a terrific young team that can compete with and beat the very best in the college game.

They have done an outstanding job at recruiting five-star athletes who look as though they could easily go into the NFL and even compete for the Heisman Trophy in the future. Betting against coach Saban is never a smart idea.

Analyzing the Heisman Trophy Prospects

Fans who tune in to watch College Football every year are not only looking at the teams that have a shot at going all the way but the players as well. The Heisman Trophy is the biggest individual honor that a college footballer can aim to achieve, as it marks the best overall player in a given season.

Some pundits believe that Spencer Rattler, who is the starting QB for Oklahoma, has a very good chance at winning the Heisman this year. He did not have a great first season, but if he makes a big improvement in a few parts of his game, he can be a genuine superstar at the college level.

Another who is tipped for greatness in the coming season is C.J. Stroud. Even though Rattler is the one getting the nod from most pundits, there are some who believe that Stroud has a fantastic chance of winning the Heisman.

Stroud had the chance to learn from quality QB Justin Fields in the past year, and now he will have a full understanding of how to navigate pressure situations. He is the one that some believe can make a big impact for his college Ohio State, who are looking like a big candidate to win their division this season.

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Predicting College Football Matchups

An exciting reason to watch the 2021 College Football season is that you can put in bets on the teams that you think will go all the way. Betting on sports is now legal in a lot more American states, while there are ways to place bets with legitimate sportsbooks outside the USA as well.

Betting on College Football is about far more than final outcomes, as there are so many plays within each game that have bets attached to them. If you are an expert on football, you could make some extra cash this season, whether Alabama or another team goes all the way to the National Championship.