Top 10 Fastest NFL Players In History

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Top 10 Fastest NFL Players In History

Here are the top 10 fastest NFL players of all time

Explosive speed and endurance are two of the most important factors for you to be an athlete. But have you ever wondered who is the fastest sprinter in NFL history?

This article will tell you about the top 10 fastest NFL players ever. Can you guess who set the league record for fastest 110 meters dash in history?

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Fastest NFL Players (m-meters/yd-yards)

  1. Bob Hayes – 100m in 10.6s (NFL Record)
  2. Bo Jackson – 40yd in 4.13s
  3. Chris Johnson – 40yd in 4.24s
  4. Dri Archer – 40yd in 4.26s
  5. Tyreek Hill – 40yd in 4.29s
  6. John Ross – 40yd in 4.22s
  7. Renaldo Nehemiah – 110m in 12.93s (World Record)
  8. Deion Sanders – 40yd in 4.27s
  9. Fabian Washington – 40yd in 4.29s
  10. Darrell Green – 40yd in 4.43s

Bob Hayes is one of the fastest sprinters in sports history. He was an Olympic gold medalist sprinter who then became an American football wide receiver in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys.

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However, he was not as fast as the fastest man alive on the planet named Usain Bolt. The Jamaican has a world record of winning a 100 meter track field sprint in only 9.58 seconds.

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