Jets expected to fine Aaron Rodgers for excused absence from minicamp

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Aaron Rodgers | Credit: Vincent Carchietta

A regular participant in the optional parts of the Jets offseason programme was Aaron Rodgers. However, he failed to appear on the first day of the team’s required minicamp.

The Jets didn’t think the absence was acceptable. Also, Rodgers will pay a fine, according to a person with knowledge of the circumstances.

If you miss the first day of minicamp, which is required, you will be fined $16,953 per the CBA. For Rodgers, it’s a drop in the bucket. But the message is rather clear.

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Whether the Jets had the authority to provide an explanation for the absence is up for debate. The phrase “unexcused” absence is mentioned specifically in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This suggests that there are excuses for absences.

Nevertheless, “[d]iscipline will be imposed uniformly within a Club on all players for the same offence,” according to the CBA. Therefore, it might set a precedent for other players if the Jets excused Rodgers for whatever the event was that he opted to attend instead of playing.

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It was possible to manage the matter differently even in spite of the legalities. Rodgers’s absence might have been revealed or leaked if it was anticipated to last for weeks.

Given that he was attending the majority, if not all, of the volunteer sessions, it would not have been as shocking as it was on Tuesday when it suddenly happened.

Still, the Jets offered no explanation for the absence. Rodgers will also be fined by the Jets. When Rodgers talks to reporters once more, it will be intriguing to hear what he has to say. Or when he next shows up in the secure environment of a podcast that enjoys Rodgers.

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