History – All Thomas cup winners

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All Thomas cup winners

Thomas Cup is an international badminton tournament that is played between nations that are part of the World Badminton Federation. It was started in the year 1948 when it was decided that it will take place every 3 years but later in 1982 it was changed to two years. With the historic win of India in the 2022, Thomas Cup let’s have a look at the winners of all Thomas cup tournaments and which country has won it the most number of times.

#4 Japan, Denmark, and India

Japan, Denmark, and India all these three countries have won the Thomas cup once. Japan won it in 2014 defeating Malaysia in the finals by a 3-2 score. Denmark won it in 2016 ending the Asian dominance in the tournament and after that, they became the first European nation to win the cup defeating Indonesia in the finals. India won their first and only Thomas cup in 2022 defeating the giant Indonesian team with an incredible 3-0 score. It was a historic moment for India.

#3 Malaysia

Malaysia is at No.3 on our list as they have won the Thomas Cup 5 times in their career but their last Thomas cup came in 1992 which is almost three decades back. Since then, they have not won the cup. In 1992 also they were the host nation and they defeated Indonesia in the finals.

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#2 China

The second most successful country in the tournament’s history is China which has won the cup 10 times in its career. The last time they won, was in 2018 defeating Japan in the finals by a 3-1 score. China is also the only country who have won the cup in double digits with Indonesia.

#1 Indonesia

The most successful country in the history of the Thomas cup is Asian badminton giant Indonesia which has won the cup 14 times in its career. Indonesia has shown unbelievable dominance in the Thomas cup making them the favourites in every Thomas cup tournament. The last time they won was in 20220 defeating China by a 3-0 score but the defending champions lost against India in the finals of the 2022 Thomas cup.

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