Watch: 3 players got injured on a single delivery in just 10 seconds

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3 players got injured on a single delivery in just 10 seconds

Sports Desk- There are often interesting incidents on the cricket field. In a Round-14 league match of the Victorian Premier Cricket league, Footscray Edgewater faced off against Fitzroy Doncaster. Footscray Edgewater won the match by 56 runs but there was this one interesting incident that happened in that T20 match.

3 players were hurt on a single delivery in the span of just 10 seconds and though none of them were seriously injured it was a very funny sequence of incidents that followed one after another.

Watch closely as the batsman at the striker’s end hits the ball against the non-striker’s end batsman. While the non-striker was hurt, the batsman on strike hurt his shoulder playing that shot too. The way he had hit the shot, must have put in a lot of strain on his shoulders, which would have led to the injury.

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And just as it seemed that everything which could go wrong on that single delivery had already gone wrong, the fielder throws the ball back at the bowler and the distracted bowler gets hit in the face from that throw. The special thing is that the video is in 2015. But this video is becoming viral social media these days.