5 teams with the most number of Test matches played

5 teams with the most number of Test matches played
5 teams with the most number of Test matches played

Test match is considered the most prestigious format of cricket. It is also the hardest format to play as it tests the strength and skill of players. Throughout the history of test cricket, we have witnessed many beautiful moments and with the inclusion of new formats like T20, test cricket still has its separate identity and value. Many countries have played this format and some of them are considered as best. So here are the 5 teams with the most number of Test matches played.

#5 New Zealand

New Zealand as a country is now one of the best teams in modern-day cricket. They have taken test format to another level and credit goes to their current captain Kane Williamson who also led the New Zealand team to the first-ever World Test Championship trophy. New Zealand has played 453 test matches in its cricket history.

#4 West Indies

West Indies once was a great team of test cricket. They not only played this format but dominated it when a player like Malcolm Marshall, Sobers, Viv Richards, Clive Lloyd, etc. played for West Indies. West Indies now stands nowhere in test format but in terms of total matches played they are at No 4 as they have played 560 test matches in their cricket history.

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#3 India

India’s test journey was full of ups and downs. India today is probably the best test team in the world and if we will see the reason for the popularity of this format, it goes to the Indian team. They are almost unbeaten at home and now they started winning matches on foreign soil too. From time-to-time captaincy, transfers helped India a lot. India has played 560 test matches in its cricket history.

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#2 Australia

It was only England and Australia who started playing cricket when it was invented and that is the reason why both teams have played the most number of Test matches. Australia is a great team in every format but their dominance started with the test format. They were unbeaten in the 2000s and that Australian team was considered the best test team ever. Not only at that time but Australia never failed in this format. Australia has played 839 test matches in its cricket history.

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#1 England

The one who invented the game England is at No 1 on our list. England is also the only team to play more than 1000 test matches in their career. England’s test journey is also full of ups and downs as they never achieved anything big in this format but their many big names of cricket came from England. England has played 1045 test matches in its cricket history.