All previous title sponsors of IPL

All previous title sponsors of IPL
All previous title sponsors of IPL

To have your name on the title of Indian Premier League is a dream of every big company. IPL is the best private league in the world right now and being a sponsor of IPL companies earns millions. Cash-rich league IPL has many title sponsors in past and rights of it were sold in crores. So, in this article, we will take a look at all previous title sponsors of IPL.


Delhi Land and Finance (DLF) company was India’s most successful real estate company in 2008. They signed a deal of 40 crore rupees with BCCI to be a sponsor of the Indian Premier League. They signed a contract of four years with BCCI which ended in 2012. After that, they did not renew their contract.


After DLF it was a world-famous soft drinks beverage company Pepsi decided to take a jump in the bidding war of IPL title sponsor. They made a deal of 396 crore rupees with BCCI. They took charge in 2013 and their contract was up to 2017 of five years but they decide to step back and they ended their contract in 2015. Thus, they were a sponsor for only three consecutive years.


After Pepsi ended their deal two years before their contract it was Chinese mobile manufacturer brand Vivo came into existence. In 2016 IPL was also surrounded by fixing scandals and in between Vivo made a deal of 100 crore rupees with BCCI for two years and they were sponsors of IPL in 2016 and 2017.

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After sponsoring IPL for two years Vivo made a deal of five years more with BCCI. They made a contract for 2199 crore rupees. But they only sponsored IPL for two years in 2018 and 2019 after they stepped back as BCCI did not want them to be the sponsor because of the tensions between India and China in Galwan Valley.

Dream 11

Fantasy cricket company Dream 11 came into play when Vivo left and they made a deal of 222 crore rupees with BCCI to sponsor IPL for only one year in 2020.


In 2021 as part of the contract Vivo again made comeback as they signed a contract of five years. They were thinking that the tension between the two nations will be forgotten but it did now happen. Although they sponsored IPL for one year in 2021.

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It is now Indian giant Tata group and company are the new sponsors of IPL. They signed a deal of 670 crore rupees with BCCI for the sponsorship of IPL for two years 2022 and 2023. BCCI wants to put patriotism first and the Tata group was the best option.