All The New Rules In IPL 2023

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The 16th edition of the Indian Premier League will start from 31st March 2023 and cricket enthusiasts cannot wait to see their favourite stars in action. IPL is always known for its drama, entertainment, and thrilling matches. To make things more interesting BCCI has introduced some new rules from IPL 2023 and in this article, we will see all the new rules in IPL 2023.

IPL 2023 Format and New Rules

  • Impact Player – The impact player rule is the most interesting rule in IPL 2023. It is like substitutes in football but a little bit different. Under the impact player rule a player can be substituted with another player who was not part of starting playing 11. Captains will carry 5 names extra during the toss of which one can play the role of an impact player. It is mandatory that an impact player can only be an Indian. In case if starting 11 of the team has 3 overseas players then an overseas player can also play the role of an impact player. There is a limitation in this rule that an impact player can be replaced before 14 overs of an inning. Coaches and management have already started their preparations for this rule and they all will try to make the best out of it.
  • It was a rule to give starting playing 11 before the toss but from now teams captains can give their playing 11 after the toss. So, from now captains will carry two team sheets so that they can decide which team they will play according to the situation of the toss.
  • In Recently we have seen that there is sometimes an argument between captains and umpires on the decisions of no and white balls but from now in IPL 2023 captains can also review no and white ball decisions. Captains can send their appeal to the third umpire directly.
  • In the IPL 2023 there is a penalty for the wicketkeeper for moving when the ball is bowled. Wicketkeepers always shift their positions when batsmen try to hit a sweep or reverse sweep but from now there is a penalty for that.
  • Penalty for slow over rates if the bowling team did not complete their 20 overs quota within 90 minutes of the allotted time then they are restricted to put only 4 overs outside the 30 yards circle for every delay over.
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