Australian Cricket: Who’s the Top Batsman of All Time?

Australian Cricket: Who’s the Top Batsman of All Time?
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Australia is known as one of the strongest cricketing nations, achieving constant excellence all across the board. But who is the top Australian batsman of all time? In no particular order of significance, these are the top names when it comes to Australian Cricket:

1. Steve Smith

Although his technique is not the most refined, he is a force to be reckoned with as showcased by his performance in the recent years. Whether you put him on English, Australian, or Indian soil, no territory is foreign to him. Having played 57 Tests thus far and scoring 5511 runs at an average of 61.23, these are some mighty stats to leave you pondering.

2. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting, the former Australian captain, was widely recognized as the nation’s top batsman during the span of his career of 17 years. He is known for his attacking batting style that made the opponents shiver in their boots any time they had to play against him and his team. In 168 Tests, his strike rate was 58.72 and he averaged 51.85. This is a sign of a batsman whose playing style tends to put the opponents on the defensive. With a total of 13378, he cemented his name as Australia’s highest run scorer.

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3. Greg Chappell

In the 70s and the 80s, everyone knew who Greg Chappell was. As one of the leading batsmen of his time, he was known for his masterful technique and the tenacity to adapt to any situation in front of him and overcome it. In 87 Tests, he held an average of 53.86 and scored 7110 runs in total.

4. Matthew Hayden

Although the early days of his career were not exactly shiny, he came back in the new century and proved the world wrong. The 8-9 years that followed skyrocketed him to national acclaim. His style was a mix of the offensive and the defensive; while he had a tendency to put pressure on his opposition right from the get go, he could also hold his own in defense. Either way, his technical proficiency was peerless and he entered every match with an explosive energy. In 103 Tests, he held an average of 50.73 and scored 8625 runs in total.

5. Michael Hussey

Michael Hussay (or Mr. Cricket himself) is recognized as one of the greatest batsmen of all time, but it wasn’t until he was 29 years of age before he could make his debut into international cricket. One of his key characteristics is the fact that he is left-handed. Furthermore, he has an uncanny ability to adapt to any bowler. During his career, he played 79 Tests, holding an average of 51.52 and racking up 6345 tuns.

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