Batsman hit most number of sixes in 20th over in IPL

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Batsman hit most number of sixes in 20th over in IPL

Every player want to perform in this tournament some of batsman finish the game by hitting big sixes in last over. Here is the list of batsman who hit more sixes at 20th over.

1. Ms Dhoni

Former csk captain played IPL since 2008 season as he hit total 65 sixes at 20th over with 246.7 strike rate. In IPL 2024 he scored 87 runs not yet dismissed any matches. He is the one of the best finisher in the world.

2. Kieron Pollard

Carribbean big hitter batsman played a crucial role for Mumbai Indians team when team was being struggling. Pollard hit 33 sixes with 214.3 strike rate in 20th over to put big total on scoreboard for Mumbai. He was match winner.

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3. Ravindra jadeja

Everyone said Csk all rounder is the one of the best finisher after Dhoni in this franchise. Some of the match single handed finish the innings by hitting big sixes. Jadeja hit 28 sixes with 210 strike rate in last over.

4. Hardik Pandya

Mumbai Indians all rounder has given big contribution for the team. When team need him then he performed really well. He is the power hitting all rounder as hardik hit 28 sixes with 246.3 strike rate at 20th over.

5. Rohit Sharma

Mumbai opening batsman Rohit had played a important knock some time he also finish the matches by hitting some sixes in 20th over as he hit 23 sixes with 284.4 strike rate in 20th over.

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6. Dinesh Karthik

RCB batter played a some match winning knock for his team to finish the innings very beautiful. In last few games this tournament he scored big runs . Dinesh hit 20 sixes with 228.3 strike rate in 20th over throughout his IPL career.

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