Fab four test records as captains

Virat kohli trolls sir jadeja over DRS
Virat kohli trolls sir jadeja over DRS

Kane Williamson has stepped down from the test captaincy, he was last among the fab four who was leading his team in tests. 2022 has been a tough year for fans because three fab four members Virat Kohli, Joe Root and now Kane Williamson they all gave up their test captaincy. In this article we will draw a statistical comparison between them as test captains.

  • Matches – as captains Virat played 68, Root 64, Williamson 40 and Steve Smith 36 matches.
  • Won – Virat has won the most number of test matches among the fab four. He won 40, Root won 27, Williamson 22 and Smith 20.
  • Lost – Root has lost most number of matches as test captain. Root lost 26, Virat 17, Williamson and Smith 10 each.
  • Draw – under the captaincy of Virat and Root, India and England draw 11 matches each. Williamson with 8 and Smith with 6.
  • Innings – Virat played in 113 innings, Root in 118, Williamson in 65 and Steve Smith in 64.
  • Runs – Virat has scored most runs as test captain. He has 5864 runs as test captain, Root has 5295, Williamson has 3331 and Smith has 3793.
  • Average – Steve Smith has highest batting average as test captain among fab four of 67.73, then Williamson of 57.43, then Virat of 54.80 and Root of 48.44.
  • Highest score – Virat has highest score of 254*, then Williamson of 251, then Smith of 239 and then root of 228.
  • Hundreds – its again Virat leading with 20 hundred, then Smith with 15, then Root with 14 and Williamson with 11.

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