FAB four’s ICC rankings

Fab four’s ICC rankings
Fab four’s ICC rankings

Fab Four is a group of four cricketers of the modern era who are considered the best batsmen of this generation. The group includes Virat Kohli of India, Joe root of England, Steve Smith of Australia, and Kane Williamson of New Zealand. In this article, we will see where this group stands in the latest ICC rankings of all the formats.

#4 Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson is all format captain of New Zealand and in 2021 his rankings and records were amazing because he led New Zealand to the first ICC test championship. Williamson was in a very good form in 2021 but 2022 did not go well for him. he lost his form and in ODIs, he is not even in the top 100 according to the ICC.

Here are Williamson’s current rankings.

  • Test – 5th
  • ODIs – above 100
  • T20Is 49th

#3 Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a very interesting player because his recent form is full of ups and downs. He is a phenomenal batsman in test cricket and it was not very far ago when he was No.1 in tests. In ODIs also he has amazing records but the problem with him lies in T20Is where his strike rate is always a question. Smith is also not in the top 100 batsmen in T20Is according to ICC.

Here are Smith’s current rankings.

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  • Test – 3rd
  • ODIs – 17th
  • T20Is – above 100

#2 Joe Root

Joe Root is playing in his best cricketing years. if we talk about who is the best among the fab four currently no doubt it is Joe Root who is dominating the list. The past two years went amazing for him, especially in the longest format of the game. he has scored runs in every part of the world. Joe Root does not play the T20I format which is why he is not in the top 100 in T20Is.

Here are Root’s current rankings.

  • Test – 1st
  • ODIs – 12th
  • T20Is – above 100

#1 Virat Kohli

Former Indian captain Virat Kohli is the most successful batsman in the overall stats between the fab four. His batting average is almost 50 in each format. Virat Kohli is not in his best form but still, he is the only player among the fab four who is in the top 30 in every format. Kohli also has the highest number of centuries among the fab four.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

Here are Kohli’s current rankings.

  • Test – 10th
  • ODIs – 3rd
  • T20Is – 21st