First players to feature in 150th game of each format

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Cricket is played in three formats test has been the oldest one whereas T20 has been the youngest one. ODIs are also played which are played in white ball format. In this article, we will tell you the first players to feature in 150th game of each format.



In tests, the one who was first to feature in the 150th test was none other than the former Australian legendary player and a great captain and player of his time, Allan Border. Playing in 150 test matches is itself a very big achievement and Border of Australia was the first to do so. Allan Border is remembered as one of the finest batters of his era and he achieved this feat in 1993.


It is once again former Australian World Cup-winning captain, Allan Border who was the first player to feature in the 150th One Day International game in the history of the game. Allan Border achieved this feat in 1987 even six years before he achieved the same thing in test format. In those years white ball was becoming more popular and Border who also won the World Cup with Australia was one of the most known cricket players around the globe.

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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

In T20Is it is Indian cricket team captain and one of the finest white ball cricketers, Rohit Sharma who played his 150th T20 game against Afghanistan in Indore. He is also the first player to win 100 T20 games. Rohit Sharma is one of the best in T20 format. He is the one with the highest number of T20 hundreds. Rohit Sharma also has the highest number of sixes in T20 format.

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