Former India cricketer reveals close committing suicide two months ago

Former India cricketer reveals close committing suicide two months ago

Sports Desk- Many cricketers have committed suicide due to depression. A former Indian cricketer was going to take a similar step. Former India fast bowler Praveen Kumar was also about to commit suicide due to mental problems.

Praveen Kumar, played 68 ODIs, 6 Tests, 10 T20Is for India, said in the interview that he wanted to commit suicide with his revolver in a highway to Haridwar but he decided to not go ahead with it after seeing a photograph of his children inside the car.

The Indian pacer was an established member of the Indian cricket team at one point in time, but injuries and loss of form brought his career to a premature end. The last time Praveen Kumar featured in an international match was in March 2012 against South Africa, while the last time he played in the IPL was in 2017.

According to the pacer, he was so frustrated that day that he could have easily pulled the trigger on himself, but then he thought about his kids, which made him change his mind.

Kumar said if he had done what he was about to do, it would have made life hell for his kids and he didn’t want that because they were not at fault in any way for what had happened to his career.

“I told myself, ‘Kya hai yeh sab? Bas khatam karte hain (What’s all this? Let me just end it)’” Praveen was quoted as saying by Indian Express.

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