Highest run scorers for team India in major T20 tournaments

Team India

India won their first international title in T20Is in 2007 which was the inaugural edition of the first major event of the T20 format. Since then, India has not won any T20 world cup, although India has an Asia Cup in 2016 which was played in the T20 format. So, in this article, we will see the highest run scorers for team India in major T20 tournaments.

India in T20 tournaments

  1. T20 world cup 2007 – Gautam Gambhir was the highest scorer for team India in 2007 with 227 runs in the tournament.
  2. T20 world cup 2009 – Yuvraj Singh made 153 runs which were the highest among Indian players in the 2009 world T20.
  3. T20 world cup 2010 – Indian left-handed middle-order batsman, Suresh Raina made 210 runs in the 2010 T20 world cup.
  4. T20 world cup 2012 – it was Virat Kohli who made 185 runs in T20 World Cup 2012 and he was the highest run scorer for India in 2012.
  5. T20 world cup 2014 – highest run la scored by an Indian in T20 World Cup came in 2014 when Virat made 319 in the whole tournament.
  6. T20 Asia Cup 2016 – Asia Cup was played in T20 format for the first time in 2016 and it was again Virat Kohli who was the leading run-scorer in Asia Cup with 153 runs.
  7. T20 world cup 2016 – Virat Kohli is ruling this stat and 2016 was his prime year. He was named the highest run scorer for the second time in T20 World Cups. Virat made 273 runs in the tournament.
  8. T20 world cup 2021 – KL Rahul has ended Virat’s streak and made 194 runs in the 2021 T20 world cup.
  9. T20 Asia Cup 2022 – Virat has again entered the chat and he made a very strong comeback in Asia Cup 2022 where he scored 276 runs.
  10. T20 world cup 2022 – Virat loves playing in T20 World Cups and he never misses a chance to perform. It was his comeback process that made him the highest run scorer in the 2022 T20 World Cup. Virat made 296 runs in the tournament.
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