History Of The Ashes

By Raghu
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History of the Ashes

England and Australia will play the 2021-22 Ashes series in Australia at five different venues. Ashes is regarded as the greatest cricket rivalry. In this article we will take a look at its history and some interesting information regarding the series.

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Ashes is the oldest and one of the most entertaining test cricket rivalry in cricket. It is played between the two giants of the game, Australia and England. These two are among the very first nations to play international cricket. It was in 1882 when Australia defeated England at The Oval but more importantly at England’s home. At that time, it was a big shock to the cricket world because no other team did this before on English soil.

A famous newspaper of England that time wrote the England’s loss as the Death of England’s cricket and ashes of it were taken to Australia. It was for the first time when the word Ashes was introduced in cricket. After the loss England’s captain Ivo Bligh promised English people that he will regain the Ashes, which also became his slogan in 1882-83 series of Australia. There a group of women presented a 150-millimetre-long trophy to Ivo Bligh in which the Ashes of bails of stumps was present.

One of those women was Florence Murphy who also later became the wife of Ivo Bligh. Ivo married an Australian girl and the urn which was that small trophy presented to Bligh was also given by his future wife makes ashes a series which was born from a love story. No matter how the series was originated but it is surely one of the oldest rivalries in history of sports. So far Australia has won 33 ashes series and England has won 32 and 6 were draw.

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The Ashes Urn

Ashes Urn is basically the small ashes trophy which was given to the England’s captain Ivo Bligh in Australia by a group of women. After England’s win in Melbourne in 1882 when Ivo Bligh who was captain and gave the slogan to regain The Ashes.


Group of women came to him with an Urn filled with ashes of the bails as to reward the England captain for his words which he proved to be true. So that’s how the historical trophy of the Ashes which is known as The Ashes Urn was created.

Results of all the ashes series

So far England has won the Ashes 32 times and Australia has won the Ashes 33 times. Aussies are leading in the greatest rivalry. It was started by England’s 8 in a row victory in The Ashes. Then in 1891 Australia for the first time became the champion of The Ashes. Then again England won the Ashes 3 times in a row. Then came the Australians again in the 1898 and won the Ashes for 4 times in a row. Then came a two-two series win for both Australia and England till 1912.

It was in 1938 when for the first time Ashes was draw and last Ashes draw was in 2019. So far 6 ashes series were draw. It was from year 1989 to 2002 when all the 8 Ashes series was won by Australia. From 2000s Ashes went consecutively to Australia and England. As last Ashes was draw the current champions of the Ashes are Australia because they were the champions of 2017 Ashes series.

20 bowlers have taken 100 or more wickets in Ashes.

  • Shane Warne (Aus) 195
  • Dennis Lillee (Aus) 167
  • Glenn McGrath (Aus) 157
  • Ian Botham (Eng) 148
  • Hugh Trumble (Aus) 141
  • Bob Willis (Eng) 128
  • Monty Noble (Aus) 115
  • Ray Lindwall (Aus) 114
  • Wilfred Rhodes (Eng) 109
  • Sydney Barnes (Eng) 106
  • Clarrie Grimmett (Aus) 106
  • Derek Underwood (Eng) 105
  • James Anderson (Eng) 104
  • Alec Bedser (Eng) 104
  • George Giffen (Aus) 103
  • Bill O’Reilly (Aus) 102
  • Charlie Turner (Aus) 101
  • Bobby Peel (Eng) 101
  • Terry Alderman (Aus) 101
  • Jeff Thomson (Aus) 100

Only five players have scored more than 3000 Test runs in Australia – England Tests:

  • Donald Bradman (Aus) 5028
  • Jack Hobbs (Eng) 3636
  • Allan Border (Aus) 3548
  • David Gower (Eng) 3269
  • Stephen Waugh (Aus) 3200