Hitman’s wife Ritika is upset with hubby two bad habits

Hitman's wife Ritika is upset with hubby two bad habits

Sports Desk- Many things are being known about the cricketers forced to stay at home for a long time due to Coronavirus. In this sequence, two habits have also been revealed about Team India’s limited overs vice-captain Rohit Sharma. During the conversation between Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan and Mayank Agarwal, the hitman’s two bad habits were revealed.

Himan is also very active on social media. He interacted with Indian young cricketer Mayank Agarwal on BCCI TV and Shikhar Dhawan was also associated with him. During this chat, many things came to light, in which Rohit’s two bad habits were also mentioned.

Actually Mayank Agarwal came to know about these habits from Rohit’s wife Ritika, which he mentioned during this chat. Manayunk told Rohit that during lockdown your wife came to know about one of your habits. The habit is that if she is saying something to you, she feels that you are listening to her, but it does not happen. At that time you are thinking about something else. Dhawan said on this, but Rohit’s mind is closed. Everyone laughs at this.

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At the same time, on this matter of Mayank, Rohit said that Ritika seems to have told you this thing, this thing is a 100% correct. Ritika tells me in the morning that this stuff is over, that stuff is over. Then I give them the answer that I will get it right. Ritika feels that I might have ordered those things. Then in the evening when she asks if she has the goods, I ask back what to order.

After this Mayank said that you have another habit which is upsetting Ritika and that you keep chewing your nails all the time. On this, he said that I have these habits since childhood. Although I have overcome this to a great extent, now I will leave it completely. Rohit made it clear that he now promises to quit these bad habits.

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