How to Watch IPL Live Online from Anywhere in the World?

How to Watch IPL Live Online from Anywhere in the World?
How to Watch IPL Live Online from Anywhere in the World?

The time of the year has finally arrived! The Indian Premier League is here, and the excitement levels of cricket fans is at an all-time high! We’ll finally get to see the amazing entertainment, drama, action, and loads of sixers in this IPL season!

Unfortunately for many cricket fans, they might not be able to stream IPL directly on the web. This is because the official broadcasters of the league have placed geo-restrictions over their channel. This means that anyone who resides outside India will find it difficult to watch IPL live online from their location.

Thankfully, though, there is a solution to this problem. And this solution is very very easy! If you follow the steps that are mentioned below, you will be able to live stream IPL matches from just about any location you want!

1.      Get PureVPN

2.      Download the PureVPN app

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3.      Connect to an Indian server

4.      Visit Hotstar

5.      Enjoy IPL live online!

PureVPN is Offering a Crazy Sixer Deal!

While Kohli and Gayle are padding up to strike the ball out of the ground, you can do the same by availing the crazy sixer deal that is on offer by PureVPN. The price of PureVPN annual plan has just dropped by a margin from $131/year to $49/ year only! I’m not sure about you but this looks like a remarkable deal in my opinion!

Previous price: $10.95 / month

New price: $4.16 / month

Discount: 62% !!!

Why do you need PureVPN to watch IPL?

As mentioned above, the broadcasters of IPL have geo-restricted their streaming channels. This is done to respect the geo-licenses these broadcasters purchase before they are allowed to stream a movie or a sports event.

There might be legal reasons for channels to geo-restrict themselves, it still seems unfair to people, especially the expats who are outside India for a while. Be it a business trip or anything else, expats should be allowed to watch the popular sport regardless of their current location.

Thankfully, you can avoid these restrictions with ease and watch the sport live online from anywhere. You can do this after connecting to PureVPN. What PureVPN does is that it connects you to an Indian server, changing your IP address in the process. Once this is done, any channel you visit will see you as an Indian resident, and it will allow you access to stream the channel live from your location.

PureVPN makes sure to keep its servers optimized at all times so that you receive the best streaming speeds anywhere, any time.

There’s a giveaway on offer as well!

Apparently, the awesome deal mentioned above wasn’t enough for the VPN service. To add more spice to their offer, the VPN service is also launching an amazing giveaway as soon as IPL launches. The winners will receive an official MRF & GM bat along with cork balls, gift cards, PureVPN annual subscription, Hotstar annual subscription, as well as an autographed picture of Jadeja, an autographed mini bat from Ashwin, and an autographed ball from Sachin Tendulkar!

The giveaway will happen in the form of polls and trivia throughout the length if this IPL season. So don’t miss out once this amazing giveaway begins!

So, now that you know how to watch IPL from anywhere in the world, we hope that you’ll follow the steps mentioned above and avail this crazy sixer deal before it expires!