Ian Botham Vs Ben Stokes: Statistical Comparison

Ian Botham Vs Ben Stokes
Ian Botham Vs Ben Stokes

Two of the finest test all-rounders England has ever produced, Ian Botham and Ben stokes are definitions of a perfect fast-bowling all-rounder. Ben Stokes is the current test captain of the England team and he is not disappointed with his role whereas Ian Botham was also a very famous and successful all-rounder of his time. In this article, we will see a statistical comparison between Ian Botham and Ben Stokes.

  • Matches – in terms of matches, Ben Stokes is ahead of Botham because he has played in all three formats. Stokes played 239 matches whereas Botham played 218 in his career.
  • Runs – Ian Botham was a fast bowling all-rounder and stokes is also a fast bowling all-rounder and in runs, Stokes is again ahead of Botham as Stokes has 9188 runs so far and Botham had 7313 runs.
  • Average – in average also Stokes is ahead of Botham because Stokes has an average of 35.33 and Botham has an average of 29.72.
  • Hundreds – In centuries, Botham made 14 centuries in his career while Stokes has already 15 in his career so far.
  • Half Centuries – in half centuries also stokes has a better record than Botham as Stokes has 50 half-centuries while Botham had 31.
  • Wickets – in wickets which is also a very important aspect for an all-rounder, Botham is ahead of Stokes as Botham took 528 wickets in his career and stokes has only 294 so far.
  • Bowling average – Botham was a better bowler than stokes and that’s why Botham has a better bowling average than Ben Stokes. Botham had a bowling average of 28.44 while Stokes has 34.76.
  • Best Bowling Figure – Botham’s best bowling figure in his career was of 8/34 while Stokes has the best bowling figure of 6/22.
England all-rounder Ben Stokes
England all-rounder Ben Stokes